Monthly Archives: June 2012

Potaku Episode 5 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This is the last week of June (and the end of our first month of Potaku) and we are joined by both Alex AND his pants as well as Kotaku’s own “First Lady”, Strange. Come listen to us talk about video game characters and stuff.

Potaku Episode 4 – Retro

#35 and Effluvium Boy are this week’s guests, joining Shiggy and Doc to talk about the good ol’ days of yesteryear.

Potaku Episode 3 – Hollywood

“Blaghman” and “BlueMaxima” are kings of the world on this Titanic as they join “Doc What?” and “ShiggyNinty” to talk video games and Hollywood

Potaku episode 2 – E3

“Mashaa” and “Puppylicks” join “Doc What?” and “ShiggyNinty” to talk about E3 and other crap.

Potaku Episode 1 – New

The first in a new series of Podcasts by/for the Kotaku community. “ShiggyNinty” and “Doc What?” are joined by “DAN!” and “The Last Question” for some *cough* riveting discussions on video games. You can follow us on Twitter – Shiggyninty, Doc_What, DAN! TheL4stQuestion Download