Potaku Episode 3 – Hollywood

“Blaghman” and “BlueMaxima” are kings of the world on this Titanic as they join “Doc What?” and “ShiggyNinty” to talk video games and Hollywood

Tweet @Blaghman for Canberra Meat details.

Tweet @a_sharples AKA Cakesmith for info on the MMO Night

IRL Shooter presents: Patient Zero details HERE.

Tweet @JFlamestar AKA Pez if you want to listen to his mad awesome Dungeon Dieties tunes or to beg for a beta key.

Contact @REALRocketman if you are interested in his 3 vs 3 League of Legends.

Shoot a message to @ztharli if you want in on the League of Legends tournament.

Tweet @GorzillaAU if you want to find out how to crash their house warming.

Click HERE to watch Shiggy smash the Max Payne DVD

You can follow us on Twitter – ShiggyNinty, Doc What, Blaghman, BlueMaxima


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