Who Is Your Daddy And What Does He Do?

It has always been my goal in life to operate a blog that quotes and posts videos of my hero, President of the United States of America and all-round action god, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is Potaku’s sole reason for existing.

That last bit? That was a lie.

Potaku.com is built upon the podcast that’s not TOO dissimilar from Potaku proper. We publish articles and spread the news and reviews to the masses. But wait… Does this mean we’re breaking away from Kotaku? Competing with them?
The answer to that, is no. While Potaku is expanding, we’re very much Kotaku Community orientated. Potaku is now an extension of TAY. You know all those meat write ups? The ones with the multiple links that get lost in TAY after 10/20 minutes? They can go up here, published with as many pictures and videos as you can handle!

What We Write About.

Dem vidya gaems, but not JUST that! We’re embracing the “Otaku” part of our name and want to include content from all the facets of “Geek Culture”. From movies and TV to cosplay and art to esports to music of the non-game-related variety. Creative writing to opinion pieces. We want it all.

Will We Be Competing With Kotaku.

Not at all. In fact, being so closely tied to Kotaku means that we’re hoping to work as a sort of talent pool that those guys will be free to draw from. If Kotaku would be your springboard into a career of writing about games, then think of Potaku as your ladder up there. WATER METAPHORS!

What We Want From You.

Words and pictures. Write about whatever you’re passionate about and throw some images in there and toss it over to Alex and he’ll do what it is he does. Please remember we’re not doing this professionally as our full time job so if people dont reply right away or your post doesn’t appear within the hour it doesn’t mean we don’t care. We do.

So This Is A TAYbie Thing.

Although this is definitely an extension of TAY and inspired by some of the amazing comments there that very much deserve to be articles, it’s not an exclusive club. Anyone is welcome to submit to Potaku and become part of this amazing community. It may even be an “In” to the wonderful yet chaotic world of TAY.

Exploiting You For Free Content

We aren’t paying for articles, mainly because we aren’t getting paid for this at all. It’s all for the love of the community and writing stuff for people to read and enjoy. There is a HUGE talent pool in TAY and hopefully Potaku will help give you amazing people some exposure that will hopefully spill over onto Kotaku and then you’ll be efamous! ❤

The Donate Button

There will be a donate button on the main page for anyone who wishes to do so. The site is relatively cheap to run. about $200 a year all up for the podcast and the blog. If we could make that back, great. But what happens if we should somehow make more? Well all that extra money gets put into a fund. That fund will then be used to do awesome things. Like what? Like sending Potaku reporters to press events, conventions and expos all over the world. Sending YOU guys.


We’re looking at running reviews. That’s games, peripherals, hardware, movies, toys, basically everything. These things will be passed on to a reviewer and you guys can keep em. It’s not great, but hey. FREE STUFF!


No one working on Potaku works at or has any affiliation with Allure or Gawker. Contributing here is not an instant “in” to Kotaku and doesn’t get you any preferential treatment in competitions or other things of that ilk. We are run by the community, for the community.

Want to contribute? Head over to the contact page and submit a form or email Alex.

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  1. CommunistBish · · Reply


  2. I approve of this message

  3. Oooooh … shiny new website, it’s still got that new electronicy smell. Should we crack out the whips to make sure the wordsmiths do good?

  4. My old man can’t have a beer cos his old man won’t give another old man a bear. LET’S GET HIM!

  5. Great success! Will be watching intently. Through your window. While you sleep.

    1. Oh, that’s sweet of you to say.

  6. Great success! I will be watching you all intently. Through your window. While you sleep.

  7. Congratulations! I do drawings and stuff and I’d be happy to give them to you as I need as much feedback as possible =D

  8. I’m steepling my fingers and furrowing my brow as to what I could submit to you guys that hasn’t been done. Perhaps reviews? Or previews? Or weather reports?

    1. All of the above!

      ALL OF IT!

      1. splicerkid · · Reply

        Well alright pilgrim!

  9. splicerkid · · Reply

    Yep, Potaku ate my last post. Bad Potaku!

    1. splicerkid · · Reply

      Dammit! Now it’s made a liar out of me!

      1. WE AREN’T KOTAKU!

        We do it the old fashioned way. Like old TAY.


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