The TAYfilm Project 2012: The Beginning

Julie VS. The Dead teaser trailer

It started with talk. That’s always how these things start. Someone makes an innocent statement to someone else, the brain cogs start turning and the idea factory comes to life.

This is how TAYfilm was born.

TAYfilm is where TAYbies (regular posters in Kotaku’s Talk Amongst Yourselves) get together and make movie magic. We started planning this endeavour at the start of the year and it fizzled out quite quickly. I was tasked with making one of the movies and my real problem was the script. We’d planned a zombie movie that would take place in a mall’s foodcourt (Working Title: Last Food) which proved to be a logistical nightmare. It wasn’t till midway through the year when I reluctantly dropped the food court setting that it all fell into place and Julie VS. The Dead came to be.

A lot of what was written was salvageable with some minor changes and so it was time to start filming this monster! We shot the bulk of the movie over a weekend, and the two days were long and fraught with cars interrupting shots and producers demanding we break for lunch. But we got through it, and we got some fairly incredible shots, all things considered.

Ultimately, it was a great learning experience and I think if we could go back, we’d do things differently and do them better. I’m still happy with the end result. A few weeks later we went back for pick-ups and to film shots we missed on the first two days, and after another long day we had the film in the bag. Now, the film is in the final stages of editing and the sound is being worked on. The film is due for release around Halloween and on schedule so all in all, it worked.

Working on Julie VS. The Dead and TAYfilm has been a blast and it was great working with everyone. I hope that carries over into the final film and everyone enjoys what we made. It’s reignited a creativeness I haven’t felt in a long time and I sincerely hope that everyone else gets a little of that and hopefully more people try their hand at film making next year for TAYfilm 2013.  Drop any suggestions for a theme for next year in the comments below and feel free to contact me if you want to take part in the next TAYfilm!

Julie VS. The Dead: 80’s style trailer

You can follow Doc What on twitter or contact him via email.

Photos courtesy of Cakesmith.

Please sir, can I have some more?


  1. It was great fun to be able to get involved with this. & I’ve gotta say that the final result is damn spectacular & something damn well had better happen for next year!

    1. Oh, it’s DEFINITELY happening! Hopefully more people will get involved!

  2. Buddy cop movie. It needs to happen.

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