VGM Tuesday: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Hello, and welcome to the (for now) titled VGM (Video Game Music) Mondays! (editor’s note: any following VGM articles will go up on Mondays! The editor made a mistake this week)

I am known as Grandmaster B-Funk on the TAY, and I think of myself as somewhat of a video game music connoisseur (AKA a snob). Each monday i will write about some of the best examples in music from video games.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

I am a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, the series of visual novels which are known for their great plots and fantastic music. Most people would know some of the classic themes of the Phoenix Wright games, but one game in the series people may not have appreciated much for its music is the Miles Edgeworth spin-off game, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (Gyakuten Kenji in Japan).

What I love about this soundtrack is that you can tell throughout it they decided they didn’t just want to do short songs that loop every 40 seconds, and instead wrote songs that are full length and a little bit classy. The music just fits the game so well. With Edgeworth being a bit more level headed than Phoenix, his music involves a lot of pianos and classical instruments, compared to the normal Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice games use of more electronic sounds.

Miles Edgeworth ~ Objection!

So, of course, it’s an Ace Attorney game, it’s got to have Objection! music, but as I mentioned before (and will mention many more times) Edgeworth’s version has that piano and trumpet, giving it this sort of jazzy feel. It contrasts Phoenix Wright’s Objection! themes, which are usually slowly paced electronic songs.

Confess the Truth

Confess the Truth is just awesome, especially because it comes in at perfect times, it’s always just after you have discovered something critical to an investigation, or someone is telling you something important. It really drives home the point that “This is important information listen dummy!”

Confrontation ~ Presto

Okay, now this song is where the game is telling you that you are starting to kick ass. I’d say it’s like the “Pursuit” songs of the Phoenix Wright games (even though there is a “pursuit” song in this game as well, which I’ll explain next). Once again, this comes up around the end of the “cross examinations” in the game, and just makes you feel as much of a badass as you possibly can be when you are a posh guy wearing a cravat…

Pursuit ~ Lying Coldly

This is the “oh my god I’ve just totally turned this case around, that guy is actually the killer, I’m the best lawyer ever” song. You KNOW that when this song comes up, that you’ve just done something awesome, and it makes you FEEL awesome. I’d say this is one of the few songs that are more in the style of a Phoenix Wright song, as it does involve a lot of electronic and has a more rock-like beat to it. However, ever present are those pianos and strings.

Kay Faraday ~ The Great Truth Burglar

I just really dig this song, it’s perfect for the character, as not only is she some sort of ninja thief, but she is also the hyperactive sidekick of the game. It just fills me up with energy when I hear the song, and makes me wish I was a ninja myself…
One day…

Shi-Long Lang ~ Speak Up Pup!

Once again this is just perfect for the character. He’s a gruff, angry guy, but who also has this cool and suave part about him. He is sort of like the Godot of Investigations (in fact, this song is a bit jazzy like Godot’s theme as well). The rock riff, mixed with that sweet jazzy sax just gets me groovin’ all day long! (That sentence wasn’t 100% serious).

Dick Gumshoe ~ I Can Do It When It Counts, Pal!

Detective Gumshoe’s classic theme, but remastered in DS glory. An already excellent song made better.

Crises of Fate

This is just the most awesome “OH SH-” music, I won’t spoil when this music appears, but at those points, everything is going pretty nuts, and this just makes it even more nuts. This song just cranks the excitement to 11.

So those are some of the best songs from the game, but the entire soundtrack is fantastic. If you haven’t played the game, then go play it! It’s a refreshing change from the usual Ace Attorney formula, but still keeps the twists and turns from the original, and as I hope I demonstrated, its soundtrack is absolutely fantastic.

Got an idea for a game I should listen to? Comment below or feel free to follow me at @GrandmastaBFunk and tweet or DM your ideas!


  1. I like the sound of this series. I love me some game music. Do you take suggestions?

    There’s some good pieces here. I’ve only played the original Ace Attorney game (on IOS too, not even on GBA/DS) so I don’t have much exposure to the series, but that last song in particular is awesome

    1. Of course i take suggestions!

      tweet me or comment here and i’l look into it!

  2. Awesome write up dude for one of my favourite series. Always loved the music in Phoenix Wright.

  3. I can really see what you mean about the difference between the Objection themes now. That’s something I hadn’t thought about before!

    I prefer some of the other Objection themes, though, but I get why this one is different and I’m glad that it has it’s own style.

  4. Suggestions:
    Final Fantasy Series
    Akira Yamaoka
    That weird looking dood who did the Dragon Age Origins OST. He’s good.

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