VGM Monday: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

Hello, and welcome to wild world of video game music! My name is Grandmaster B-Funk and every Monday I will bring to you the best Video Game Music (VGM) that games have to offer!

This week’s game is a personal favourite of mine; it mixed together one of my favourite genres, favourite graphic novel series, and  favourite bands. Although technically made to coincide with the movie of the same name (which was still pretty good) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game was more based on the comics, and delivered a super tough side scrolling beat-em-up with all of your favourite characters. The game had an 8-bit style, so obviously the music had to match this style as well. What made the music extra special was that it was completely done by one of my favourite chiptune bands Anamanaguchi. “What is chiptune?” I hear some of you ask, well chiptune is a genre of music that usually contains a normal band, you know, guitar’s, drums, sometimes singers, but they all have another important member, a hacked retro console. Anamanaguchi specifically use a hacked NES to create some of the greatest music I’ve heard, and their music fits amazingly with Scott Pilgrim.

Another Winter

This is the song for the first level in the game, and what a song. It has this super uplifting feel to it, it makes me feel excited to be playing the game. So by the first level, I already know that I’m in for a treat for the rest of the game.


This is the boss battle theme for Matthew Patel, the first of Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends. As soon as the song kicks in I am immediately transported back in time, everything about this song screams nostalgic boss bottles.

Rock Club

Rock Club is one of my personal favourites in the soundtrack; its high paced craziness just feels right. Having a game like this which is an obvious throwback to old school beat-em-ups, a song like this really helps get me back into the mood.

Twin Dragons

With the title of the song being a reference to Double Dragon, this song is crafted for the Japanese twins Kyle & Ken Katayanagi. There’s  an Asian influence in the song, but it is mixed with a techno beat to match the robotic theme of the twins.

Subboss Theme

Ahhhh, the sub boss. They aren’t quite the boss of the level, but they are certainly much tougher than any of the regular chumps you’ve been punching. This song is so energetic it’s crazy, it’s almost wasted on mere sub bosses. This could have been the final battle music!

Gideon Wrath, Part. II

Oh wait, there was a reason that theme wasn’t the final boss song, because this one was. So the music has been pretty nuts the entire game, but then you think, how will they step it up for the end? Then you hear this, and you know that you are in trouble. Obviously Gideon is strong, but this music just amplifies how strong he seems.

All in all, a great game, if you love side scrolling beat-em-ups of the past, then this is your game. It also helps show off one of my favourite bands and their incredible ability to make some kick-ass retro inspired songs.


Did you like the music? Then seriously listen to more of Anamanaguchi’s stuff, here’s one of my favourite songs by them, Helix Nebula, which shows their ability to make chiptune songs that aren’t so fast paced or crazy.

Got an idea for a game I should listen to? Comment below or feel free to follow me at @GrandmastaBFunk and tweet or DM your ideas!

One comment

  1. Dude. Awesome.
    My personal favourite from the Scott Pilgrim game album would be ‘Just Like in the Movies’. So awesome.

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