Why Bruce Campbell is Groovy (And You’re Stupid For Not Agreeing)

“Hail to the King Baby”. When those words escape over the magnificent chin and sexy lips of Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness, you know it’s true and no matter who challenges the throne, Bruce Campbell is always King.

Most of you already know the greatness of Bruce Campbell. He’s the star of the Evil Dead Trilogy, the best part of the Spider-Man trilogy, the King of Rock and Roll in Bubba Ho Tep, the coolest cowboy ever in Brisco County Jr, the handsome Autolycus in Xena…basically, anything he touches becomes solid gold. He has the Midas touch of acting. Nay! The Midas touch of life. Don’t believe me? Here’s some choice examples of the man’s greatness.

Here’s a scene from Evil Dead 2, my personal favourite of the trilogy. Bruce plays Ash, fighting off the demons and spirits of the Necrinomicon. The more the movie goes on, the worse the deadites attack and generally mess with Ash. The scene invovles Ash fighting a deadite infection in his right hand. Bruce hits himself over the head with plates, flips himself over and makes the hand it’s own goddamn character. You totally forget it’s still attached to him. It’s super convincing and he just sells it amazingly.

The Evil Dead Trilogy was something of pure perfection. So many quotes, so many great scenes, SO MUCH BRUCE CAMPBELL! WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU WANT? SHUT UP AND WATCH!

But what about his turns in the Spider-Man movies? Such small cameos, but I remember hanging out for them each time. Me and my mate would be waiting patiently, in cinemas packed full on opening day. We’d sit silent and then, like a man finding God we’d see him. We’d actually scream “YEAH BRUCE!”. People would look, but they were dumbfounded as to why we were screaming. Clearly they did not deserve to understand the greatness and should never be allowed to watch this man again. But apart from being the best parts of these movies, they were freakin’ amazing cameos. Scene stealing some would say! (everyone would say it)

But what about some of his other stuff? I mean the dude had a movie which was basically a gigantic love letter to who Bruce Campbell is and what makes him fantastic. My Name is Bruce is an instant cult classic with lines you could quote for years to come. Go and bask in all that Bruce glory!

But what about some shows you may haven’t seen? Like Brisco County Jr? An awesome show and something everyone should check out. Again another example of solid gold Bruce.

I think though, the best example of why Bruce Campbell is the King is pretty much summed up in this next clip. He was the Old Spice Guy BEFORE there was even an Old Spice Guy. His turn in the ads is about the most perfect set of ads you’ll ever see.

Look, I’m just a big Bruce Campbell fan. This has basically been a way to express my love and share some of the best Bruce stuff that’s come out. I’m not afraid to profess my love for the best man to ever exist. If you haven’t had a chance to watch ANY of his works, go out and do it. You won’t regret it and you’ll probably be a convert too. In fact, why are you even still here? Why didn’t you leave after the first video to go watch watch Evil Dead yet? WHY? WHY!?

Look, you made it this far, you might as well know how I’d sum up Bruce in one word…

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  1. No Burn Notice? He’s the only reason I watch that show.

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