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What Did You Pick Up in the Steam Sale?

Thanks to Cakesmith, we had quite a comprehensive look at what was on offer during each day of Steam’s latest sale. But what did people actually buy?

Community Spotlight: GameAgain.TV

Hey guys! Shiggy here, bringing you the first of what I hope is many community spotlights. If you’ve got a show, podcast, website or anything you want to show everyone else, send it our way and we’ll help show it off to the world!


Gosh darn I love LEGO. There’s something about LEGO that transcends generations.

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 6

Do not fear friends for the end is nigh.

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 5

Better late than never right? Oh, you just want the deals? Okay…

Video Game Music Monday – Assassin’s Creed

Potaku’s resident Assassin’s Creed fanboy is here to highlight some of the amazing music from Jesper Kyd’s work in the first three games!

The Folks at Double Fine Are a Crazy Inventive Bunch

I’m a little behind on this one, somebody showed me the pitch video just yesterday, and voting closes quite soon – today, in fact! But it’s still worth discussing, as there’s more to Amnesia Fortnight than just voting.

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 4

Sunday. Sundays can normally be best depicted as followed:

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 3

I like weekends. I get to sleep in. Walk around the house in my underpants. Catch up with friends. Go to the local shopping complex and buy required items for the future, like new socks. How good are new socks? They are pretty good! I also enjoy playing video games on the weekend.

The Oddity of the 6 Golden Coins

You may have owned this game, or knew someone that owned it and you wanted to play it so bad. I was one of those kids.