Greenlight Friday: Frozen Hearth and Anna’s Quest

Greenlight Friday looks at one or more projects up now on Steam Greenlight that you should consider voting for!

Steam’s Greenlight service is a great opportunity for people to share their game ideas to a wider audience, but sometimes they’re going to need an extra push. The latest round of voting runs until November 30th, so there’s plenty of time to highlight some interesting ideas that have the potential to be something great.

I’m not an RTS player, really, but I have to admit I’m interested in a little game called Frozen Hearth, and a lot of that interest comes from what seems to be a focus on multiplayer for this game. Epiphany Games promise both a co-op campaign experience and various PvP gametypes, and that’s something I’d be keen to try out. It’s often easier to learn these things with friends, after all.

In terms of how the game actually plays, there isn’t a lot to go on just yet; a brief trailer and about a dozen screenshots, but what has me interested now is the scope of the game. The description on the Greenlight page suggests a lot of variety in gameplay, from a somewhat extensive sounding singleplayer (or co-op!) campaign to the other multiplayer features. Frozen Hearth appears to be an already well-developed game. It sort of demonstrates that Greenlight is being taken very seriously by some people, who have for a long time been passionately crafting these works.

You can vote for Frozen Hearth here!

Speaking of passionately crafted works, we now move on to Anna’s Quest, a charming take on the adventure game genre with fantastic visuals and a solid story. The majority of Potaku readers likely know Anna’s Quest quite well. In fact, just last week we interviewed the game’s creator, Dane Krams!

A lot of you have probably already purchased the game, too. It’s available on several different online services with an asking price of only five dollars. Anna’s Quest has been up on Greenlight before, but it seems that Krams is going to keep on trying, and every time he does we will be here to offer support and upvotes. So we encourage you to show your support and spread the word around.

Show some support for Sughly by voting here!

I want this to be a community post. If there’s an idea on Greenlight you’re really interested in supporting, and/or you want to plug a work done by one of your friends, don’t hesitate to leave a suggestion in the comments, or email to let us know about it!

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  1. Awesome idea. Think this is a great way too to share games with everyone!

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