COMP Reminder: Potaku Series 3 – Super Awesome Elite Art Contest!!

A friendly reminder that you could win…something!

Series 1 has some rushed art by myself and series 2 (as seen above) had a terrific piece by our very own Sughly.

But now we’re gearing up for series 3 and we need YOU!

We need a 1200 x 1200 image. No logo. Just your awesome artwork!

And by artwork, I mean anything. As long as it’s an image that you feel represents what Potaku is. You can draw Shiggy, myself and Alex, or do something completely different. Go nuts! Take a photo of a macaroni collage!

Please dont sent us a photo of cat sick though. If you have to send a picture of your junk, send it to Shiggy. Everything else, send it along to me.
We’ll post all the entries in one big article and we MAY let you vote if we have trouble deciding. Who knows.
Get your entries in by the 16th of November (that’s THIS FRIDAY, everybody!) for your chance to win (insert prize* here) (prize may include a friendly hug from Pants, he likes hugs)!

Terms and Conditions: Any entries featuring graphic mature content will be enjoyed, but passed over for the prize. Same with anything containing licensed properties. When we select our new art we own both the image and your immortal soul. Yadda yadda. Something about otters.
*Prize will be decided at a later date. It will probably be a game. Or Lego. Maybe a NERF gun. It’ll be cool, whatever it is! Also, your artwork gets to be shown for an entire series. That’s pretty cool, right?

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