Autumn Steam Sale – Day 1

Because what we all need is more games!

Day 1 of Steam’s Autumn Sale is actually pretty good. I won’t cover the flash sales because I unfortunately can’t monitor Steam 24/7. If you see a game in the flash sale you want it’s probably at a reasonable price so I guess it depends what you’re willing to spend.

The daily deals however, those I can do.

XCOM: Enemy Unkown$46.89USD 33% Off
A damn good game but you can still get it cheaper if you know where to look. It’s a turn-based tactical role playing game. Your squad suffers permadeath if they die and you can get surprisingly attached to them.

Magic: The Gathering – Duals of the Planeswalkers 2013 $4.99 USD 50% Off
While its still not the same as playing the proper card game, it’s still incredibly addictive and you honestly can’t go wrong with that price.

The Walking Dead$12.49USD 50% Off
Episode 5 has just come out and for that price it’s a must buy. Telltale have made an exceptional game that will force you to look at kitten pictures when you’re done to feel better. Am I right Pants? (he’s so right ~ ed.)

Darksiders II$16.99USD 50% Off
If you missed this last week now is your chance to grab it for the same price. While I haven’t played this one myself it got some decent reviews. The PC version has a couple of problems, I know Pez lost his save file 11 hours in (probably more a case where the error lies between keyboard and chair) and it is a fairly simply PC port. Did they ever patch in Vsync?

Age of Empires III$9.99USD 75% Off
If this was Age of Empires II I would be all over it. But it’s not. Age of Empires III is still a good game though. If you’ve never played it and want some solid real time strategy or just want a bit of nostalgia you can’t go wrong here.

Terraria$3.39USD 66% Off
Why don’t you already own this?

That’s it for day 1. Remember the golden rule of Steam Sales:
If its not on a flash sale or part of the daily deals don’t buy it until the last day.

Until tomorrow fronds!

Your friendly neighbourhood Steam addict,

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