Making A Baconweave Dream

When I heard that Shiggy was recording a bacon song at Pez’s place, I knew I’d have to be there with camera in hand to record the event. Also beer & pizza.

I got off the train and turned on the camera, filming the entire trip to Casa de Pessimist (or Meat HQ as it has become) and found Cake and Pants already there and the drink flowing freely. Some Wii was played and a song recorded and pizzas consumed.

I’m not sure how, once Shiggy had recorded his lyrics, it fell upon us “others” to do some backing vocals, but it did. Sorry.

I half edited the video before I realised that it NEEDED the bacon song to work. without it, what was the point? So here it is in all it’s glory.

(Pants: The one thing missing from that video is Doc What himself, so in the interest of fairness I dug up this photo:)

(Doc – I CLEARLY appear in the video! Shame on you for not noticing! Also, for the sake of clarity, I was merely trying to record the sound of Shiggy peeing for the video. Nothing weird or sinister. It didn’t work however. Need a better mic.)

(Pants: Oops. I just wanted an excuse to use this photo!)



  2. This is awesome.

  3. That is awesome. Love the editing style too. Excellent work.

  4. Damn Girl.

  5. I’ve seen that Street Fighter animation you perves were watching…

  6. patiencemaddox · · Reply

    Just amazing. Looking forward to hearing more songs!

  7. I hope you got that poor delivery driver’s permission to appear in this video!

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