Autumn Steam Sale – Day 2


Day 2 is a bit of a mixed bag but there are still some awesome deals. Deals that will punch you in the dick, even.

Let’s not waste anymore time and start wasting your hard earned/stolen money instead!

ARMA II: Combined Operations$14.99 USD 50% Off
Let’s be honest, if you’re buying this chances are its because of DayZ. Keep in mind DayZ will be getting a standalone release in the near future. ARMA II is still a great military simulator. Notice the word simulator. You will get shot at and you will die. A lot.

Max Payne 3$22.49 USD 75% Off
This game will punch you in the dick and you will enjoy it. Is there anything left to say about this game that Shiggy hasn’t already? Speaking of dick punches, we get hit with some lame regional pricing, but you should still buy it. Or Shiggy will come around to your house and punch you in the dick. You won’t enjoy that as much.
WARNING: This game requires a fairly good PC. As you should be doing anyway, always check the system requirements before purchasing.

Awesomenauts$3.39 USD 66% Off
I’ll be honest I haven’t actually played this one. I will be picking it up for this price though. I believe it was 50% off last weekend for the weekend deals so if you bought it then: SUCKS TO BE YOU! Just saved $1.50! I do believe the game was fairly well received though.

Portal 2$4.99 USD 75% Off
Another case of “you don’t already own this?” If you don’t you must rectify this immediately. Portal is also 75% off at only $2.49 USD so you should probably grab that too.

Sleeping Dogs$24.99 USD 50% Off
I haven’t played much of this but what I have has been highly enjoyable. It’s the remains of True Crime Hong Kong. There’s a high focus on melee combat which reminds me of the Arkham games, though not as polished. If you do pick it up make sure you get the HD texture pack for maximum pretty.

Prototype 2$34.99 USD 50% Off
I actually can’t recommend this. Between the regional price hike and the lazy PC port it’s just not worth it.

It also appears that the day 1 deals are still available. I guess daily deals is a bit of a lie then. Recap of yesterday:

XCOM: Enemy Unkown – $46.89USD 33% Off
Magic: The Gathering – Duals of the Planeswalkers 2013 – $4.99 USD 50% Off
The Walking Dead – $12.49USD 50% Off
Darksiders II – $16.99USD 50% Off
Age of Empires III – $9.99USD 75% Off
Terraria – $3.39USD 66% Off

BUY = You need this game in your life
CONSIDER = Pricing may not be the best or the game may not be for everyone. Do your research.
AVOID = Don’t bother. It’s either a bad game or the price is too high. Or both.

Until tomorrow fronds!

Same Bat time. Same Bat station. (Assuming Pants does his job) [I always do my job! ~ed.]

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