Autumn Steam Sale – Day 6

Do not fear friends for the end is nigh.

The last day of sales. So lets take a look at what’s on offer. Now is the time to purchase any game you might have been eyeing off, hoping it would go on sale. Make sure you check out the indie game section as there are some absolute gems there.

The countdown on today’s daily deal is still on a 48 hour timer. This may mean these deals will still be available tomorrow, or it may be a glitch in their system.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$7.49 USD 50% Off
The latest installment of the best selling PC multiplayer game of all time. It has this status for a reason. It’s a very well made game and for this price you’d be silly not to grab it. If for whatever reason you don’t already have any of the other CS games, you can pick up the complete pack for $9.99 USD as well.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3$49.99 USD 50% Off
Haha. No. The fact they are still charging $100 for this is kind of funny. I picked this up on launch for $59. With Black Ops 2 now out, you’re essentially paying $50 for a 4 hour campaign. If you must have it, buy it instore during the Christmas/Boxing Day sales.

Alan Wake Franchise$9.99 USD 75% Off
2 games for under $10. Even if it was just Alan Wake I’d be highly recommending this so American Nightmare is just a bonus.

Castle Crashers$4.99 USD 67% Off
You know, I’ve actually never played Castle Crashers. I know it was a hugely popular Xbox Live Arcade game and $5 seems like a decent price. Grab it if you want. I will.

Legend of Grimrock$3.74 USD 75% Off
A throwback to the dungeon crawlers of yesteryear. I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with this game but what I have played was highly enjoyable. Can’t go wrong with that price.

The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition$7.49 USD 75% Off
If there is one game you buy today, get this one. Seriously. Just buy it.

As always, a quick summary of yesterday’s deals:

Dishonored – $39.99 USD 50% Off – AVOID/CONSIDER
Civilization V – $17.49 USD 75% Off – CONSIDER
Orcs Must Die! 2 – $3.74 USD 75% Off – BUY
Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition – $7.49 USD 75% Off – BUY
Torchlight II – $9.99 USD 50% Off – CONSIDER
Sonic Generations – $12.48 USD 75% Off – BUY

BUY = You need this game in your life
CONSIDER = Pricing may not be the best or the game may not be for everyone. Do your research.
AVOID = Don’t bother. It’s either a bad game or the price is too high. Or both.

And that’s it. We have survived another Steam sale. Maybe. There is still a chance Valve might turn it to 11 for a finale (they have done it before) so keep an eye on the Potaku twitter page throughout the day for any updates.


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