Community Spotlight: GameAgain.TV

Hey guys! Shiggy here, bringing you the first of what I hope is many community spotlights. If you’ve got a show, podcast, website or anything you want to show everyone else, send it our way and we’ll help show it off to the world!

Our first spotlight is GameAgain.TV, a review/Let’s Play show focusing on retro games. Want to know more? Here’s an intro from host Benn Banasik! Take it away Benn!

“Remember that game? You know the one, with the enemies, and the lights. Yeah that bright coloured one, which you played for hours as a kid?  That one that I liked too, the one that your friend had down the road, remember when we did that thing? And the packaging that was just so, with the smell of that cartridge or disk!

If you’re reading this you’re a gamer, you play games, not only do you play games but you like them enough to read about games. Hell you love games! Nothing that anyone says will make you change your gaming habits.  Well I’m the same and always have been.

I’m a mega game collector.  What this means is that I don’t search out for a specific console, brand or era, I go for them all.  I don’t go for the crisp unopened copies you need gloves to handle, nope, I play them and I love them.  It’s an expensive habit but one that I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed.

After 22 years of playing games and 12 years of serious collecting I was inspired after watching many hours of YouTube videos to start off a weekly review / look-at show for classic games of the past.

And thus was born GameAgain.TV a weekly video show where we go on regular trips down memory lane, celebrating the classic games of the past.

What we provide is a quick look at the gameplay aspects whist providing an overview of the chosen title of the week.  The show is not intended to be a walkthrough guide, or a full blown review because I’ve always believed gaming like art is subjective.  We may hate the game we’re playing and you may love it, and vice versa.  

What we aim to give though is a opening through the looking glass at the games that I have collected over the years and to share our memories with you.

The review show is quite young and we’re very keen to hear what you think of the show so drop us a line and keep the retro gaming spirit alive!”

You can check out the show on Youtube or get updates straight from their Twitter, website or Facebook!

Have something you want to show off to everyone? We’re always keen to see some cool stuff and help pimp it! Send it our way!

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