Potaku 3 Episode 2 – Ride The Swan


Ride the Swan!

Welcome to another episode of the chaos and mediocrity that is Potaku! This week we disembark our swans briefly to talk about the Wii U and it’s recent launch! Joining us is Ynefel and HindenLagen! We also discuss what we love and hate about the system, the games, the wonders of Miiverse (side note: check out the Rabbids Land Community, the official home of the Willem Dafoe Community!) and what we hope to see in the future!

Zoo Meat around the 15th/16th of December. Talk to Shiggy about it.

You can follow us on Twitter – Shiggy Ninty, Doc What, HindenLagen, Yenefel

Thanks for listening everyone, hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share with everyone!


Also: Like our new album cover? Want it as a desktop wallpaper? WELL NOW YOU CAN! [click here for awesome]

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