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Bad Ass Box Art: Platinum Games Edition

Japan. What a crazy place. Full of wacky and crazy fun. AND SUPER HYPER HAPPY FUN TIMES! It’s also the home of Platinum Games, home of some of the baddest motherfuckers in the gaming world. It also helps that they make some dick kickingly good games with some fucking rad box art to boot. Dickheads, […]

Tales of an Impatient Gamer: Dark Souls, Part Four

Dear Potaku readers, Greetings from Undead…Parish!

Review: The Last Wish

Theres many examples of books being written to tie-in with a major video game release (Halo, Mass Effect and Assassins Creed to name but a few), but other than some of the early Tom Clancy branded games, the reverse is seldom true.

Potaku and the World’s Greatest Shave!

Leukaemia, a horrible and debilitating disease that affects around 11,500 people in Australia each year, is life changing in more ways than one. Researchers work every day to help try and find a cure to this life threatening illness through funding, time and people working hard to try and find the cure. But they need […]

Review: Anarchy Reigns

Sometimes, all you need to have a kickass time is a dude with a chainsaw attached to his arm, some really great music, killer gameplay and some real style to go with all that meaty substance. Welcome my friends, to Anarchy Reigns.

Community Playdate: DayZ

Tonight from 8pm onwards, join some of the gang as they frolic through the zombie-infested world of DayZ. Maybe they won’t frolic, maybe they’ll be serious, or maybe all kinds of chaos will ensue. You’ll never know if you don’t join in!

In the Beginning…There was Gaming, and it was Good

GameAgain is back this year and it’s set to be bigger than ever.  With new segments of QOD (Question Of the Day) and Get to know us its set to be a great retro gaming year. Along with myself and Warwick we are joined this season by the baconister himself ShiggyNinty.


Around New Years Eve in the Lord’s year, 2013, Shiggy & Doc went on a camping trip with TAYbies and other REAL LIFE friends of Shiggy. Doc took his camera. This is their story…

Potaku 3 Episode 7 – Creation and God Games

In the beginning, there was man. And then…he made VIDEO GAMES. And with video games enjoyment and fun. But man wanted more than just being able to play as Mario and Link…they wanted to be…GOD! And so yeah now there’s games about creation and being a god so whatever I guess.

Brickvention 2013

  Sarcasmfairy went to Brickvention on Saturday. This is her story…