Potaku 3 Episode 5 – Game of the Year


GLITZ. GLAMOUR. RED CARPETS. HOT SEXY LADIES. What do all these have in common? That’s right! They’re all not on our show!

Welcome to our Game of the Year special of Potaku! On this episode we’re talking…Game of the Year… and what made us laugh, cry, tear up and make us love games in the year 2012. Our guests this week are our bearded editor AlexAndHisPants and our sometimes bearded friend Batguy! We also talk Steam Box, THQ and Nvidia Shield (LOL).

This episode is entirely spoiler-free, rest assured!

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  1. I forgot to point out on air that I did indeed have a 10-day beard at the time. So please adjust your mental image accordingly whilst listening to the podcast.

  2. […] out the show here or on iTunes. Thanks for listening everyone, don’t forget to rate, subscribe, share and enjoy […]

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