Community Playdate: TF2sdays

TF2 is not usually played headless.

You might remember community playdates from the early days of the podcast – Monday Night Halo Fights, anyone? Cakesmith and Rize have decided to try and bring them back for the new year, and they’re starting it off with an old favourite, Team Fortress 2!

(Someone should design a TF2sday logo. That’d be sweeet.)

Titled TF2sdays for the day it runs on, we’re playing Team Fortress 2 on PC on Tuesday, tomorrow night, from 8:30pm Sydney time. What game mode we actually play in these events depends on how many people show up, so it could be anything, really. Come for the surprise, stay for the fun!

If you aren’t familiar with how these playdates work, take a gander at the Kotaku Steam group – linked for your convenience to the right of this article! All kinds of playdates are organized through the Steam page, and you’ll be notified when the scheduled time arrives in case you forget. If you aren’t a member of the Steam group, consider joining, and remember to add a few of us to your friend list – I’m currently listed as ‘HotPants’ in the group, for example.

If you have a suggestion for a game you’d like to see in a playdate (Red Dead Redemption, anyone?) let us know in the comments, send us an email, or make an uproar about it in TAY! This event is PC only, but we’ve run playdates on several consoles at once that have worked out before (usually Red Dead, hint hint).

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