Community Playdate: DayZ

Tonight from 8pm onwards, join some of the gang as they frolic through the zombie-infested world of DayZ. Maybe they won’t frolic, maybe they’ll be serious, or maybe all kinds of chaos will ensue. You’ll never know if you don’t join in!

Not owning the game (or technically, the mod) myself, I have no idea how the game is organised, so if you’re looking to join in tonight, you’ll have to get in touch with some other people. As with last week, if you aren’t a member of the Kotaku Australia group on Steam, consider joining up (click the Steam icon to the right of this)! PC playdates such as this are announced on that page, and a handy reminder pops up at a scheduled time.

Also consider following the people who are usually responsible for organising these events, Cakesmith (Twitter/Steam) and Rize (Twitter/Steam), so that you can bug them for invites to the game.

If you have a suggestion for a game you’d like to see in a playdate (Red Dead Redemption, anyone?) let us know in the comments, send us an email, or make an uproar about it in TAY! This event is PC only, but we’ve run playdates on several consoles at once that have worked out before (usually Red Dead, hint hint).

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