Potaku 3 Episode 8 – The Loss of Mystery


Remember the days where you didn’t rely on the internet to beat a level? Where your friends told you that to play as Bowser you had to beat all the levels without dying and had to be invincible the whole time and had to finish with 42 points? We miss those days…and Effluvium Boy and Phliaman miss it too and heck, they’re here to talk about it too!

Welcome to another week of Potaku (sorry about the lack of one last week, but Flu’s voice makes up for it) and another episode of the show! This week we talk about the power of nostalgia and the effects of the internet on mystery surrounding games.

Also featuring a one-off return of SONG OF THE WEEK! (Because I’m the podcast editor and I wanted it in there! – Doc)

Thanks for listening this week guys and gals, we hope you enjoy the show and we’d love if you can share the show with everyone you know!

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  3. Really agree with the points made about whinging gamers. The sense of entitlement that the playing public feels is totally out of order. They should respect the developers and their properties, and just let them do what they want without feeling so betrayed all the time. We also have great modders and modding tools nowadays too, so that’s where people should focus, instead of hopping on their soapboxes.

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