Scouring the streets of the Wii U.

Have you ever had a feature or a program in a console, PC, handheld or phone, that seems so simple or pointless to everyone else, but you love? I’ve currently got that with Wii Street U.

Wii Street U is, in basic terms, Google Street View, but on the Wii U. You already know all the features and the ins and outs of it, so I won’t go into details. What they’ve added in this version is the ability to use the Game Pad to look around the locations and the world, so it’s a bit more immersive than usual. You’re able to select from some of the most visually stunning and famous places from around the world at the touch of a button (and a press of the touch screen). But that’s not why I’m loving it.

The reason I’m loving it is because I’m revisiting all the places I went to in Japan. I know I could have done this before with a PC, but there’s something more compelling being able to turn and move with the Game Pad in my room, but feel like I’m in the Fushimi Inari Shrine, or Akihabara or even Miyajima. Walking down along the sea wall in Miyajima, stopping and then physically turning to see the giant Torii gate out in the water, brings me back to when I went over there myself. I even used Wii Street U to show my parents the hotels I stayed in, places I ate and even the route I took to get to the station. It sounds incredibly boring to you all I assume, but it was great fun expanding on my experiences with my parents.

Me at the Torii gate on Miyajima!

Me at the Torii gate on Miyajima!

After showing them the sights and views of Japan, my mum sent us off to Hawaii, to show us her’s and my father’s trip there. And it was the same deal! They showed me their hotels, favourite places to eat and places they visited. This was where it got interesting, because after seeing me show off Japan, spinning and looking around in my room, my mum grabbed the Game Pad off me, and immediately started doing the same. She was spinning around pointing sights out to me, sharing stories and then running off, grabbing photos, rushing back and then telling me the stories that tied into what I was seeing on the TV and those photos. It made, just like I did earlier with my Japan trip, an awesome bonding experience and a more in depth look at the fun they had.

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii!

Like I said before, it’s a program or app that’s so small and “pointless” to most people, but I’m amazed at how compelling it is. I love just being able to walk around, not only Japan, but my own town, Sydney, New York, wherever! If you have a Wii U, download it, it’s free, easy to use and a lot of fun! And hey, maybe you can visit some of the places I’ve been to!

But what about you guys and gals? Has there been something that you’ve loved that other people just don’t get or enjoy like you did? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Cloudreaders app for iPad. Samurai Executioner. Fist of the Blue Sky. Star Trek IDW. Batman. Superman. I say no more.

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