World’s Greatest Shave! NEW REWARD TIERS! (Edited)

Leukaemia, a horrible and debilitating disease that affects around 11,500 people in Australia each year, is life changing in more ways than one. Researchers work every day to help try and find a cure to this life threatening illness through funding, time and people working hard to try and find the cure. But they need our help. This is where we come in.

We at Potaku are taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave and we need YOUR help! And your money. Let’s not forget your lovely, hard-earned money..

Thanks to so many generous donations from friends, family and TAYbies we’ve hit our $1,000 target goal! Now we have Alex “Cakesmith” Sharples on board, shaving that curly afro he’s so famous for but we’re not stopping there! We’ve set a new target goal and this time, if you can help us get to $2,000 then Sean “Blaghman” Richardson will join up and clip his mane for charity.

EDIT 1: Shane W Smith of the Lesser Evil fame will shave his head if we raise $1.5K!

EDIT 2: Freya/Freyjr has said she’ll also join us if we hit the $5,000 mark!

Also! We’ll try and organise a gathering for the big shave with each hair removal filmed for prosperity.

We have until March 17th to collect funds, with all proceeds going straight to the Leukaemia Foundation to help research and hopefully get closer to a cure for this. Every little bit helps not only us reaching our goal, but in helping the lives of others and you get to see us shave our heads and look like a bunch of Max Payne lookalikes, all for a fantastic cause!

Hopefully you can dig deep and help out!

Thank you guys, any questions about anything don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. Seeing as I’m going to be busy all weekend, I had to shave early. Behold, the first Max Payne wannabe –


    1. Nicely done, Tofu. You look like someone I know, but I can’t figure out who.

      Maybe… I know… you?

    2. Oh wow! Fantastic work dude! Thanks so much for joining and helping raise funds!

  2. I shaved on Thursday, and exhibited all weekend at Adelaide Oz Comic-Con with a shiny head. I’m sure someone must have taken a photo. Will update if said photo emerges.

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