Bad Ass Box Art: Spaceships

Space…the final frontier…well not any more, but back in the day it was.

Now we can go to space and be all like “Whatevs, it’s space”. But what helps us get to space? THAT’S RIGHT. SPACESHIPS. Space and spaceships are pretty fuckin’ sick. There’s so much to that weird open world in the sky that we don’t know that’s really awesome to discover. What’s even better is getting up there in a cool rocket or something. Games love space. We have tons of games that deal with the matter and the convenient mode of transport to get there, which is today’s focus on Bad Ass Box Art. Let’s begin!

Houston, we have a sick ass problem yo!

Missile Command is an old Atari game, where you shoot rockets and defend against rockets. It’s simple and fun to play, but how amazing is this box art? It’s not only sci-fi awesomeness, but there’s rockets and shit flying and exploding EVERYWHERE on the damn thing! Even the dude with the weird helmet on is just looking at them going “I wish I was a rocket…”.

Even the most boring of games can be bad assier with space ships!

They should have called this Copyright Infringement Chess instead am I right? But even with the potential lawsuit that came with this box art, you have to admit it’s pretty fuckin’ rad guys. Imagine playing chess with space ships flying all around you, battling it out and screaming at you “KNIGHT TO E4! NO! WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR? GOD DAMN YOU STUPID IDIOT! NOW YOU’RE IN CHECK AND AW DANG IT YOU LOST”, then they’d be blown up because they weren’t concentrating. I don’t know if I want that guilt on me.


There is a tragedy going on here. A spaceship is being destroyed. But then again, a giant alien wrecking a spaceship is pretty awesome. I really dig this box art, and hey! There’s a UFO on it too so that must count for something right?


AWWW YEAH FANTASY ZONE! This game is probably terrible, but here’s the thing. That spaceship is not only just shooting lasers…but it also has wings. And seems to be flying over what seems to be a land made of candy or fairy floss or something. And what is that orb thing with the sombreros on it? This truly is fantasy because it MAKES NO SENSE. Also why is the sun so unhappy?

Fanboy alert!

I fucking love the Star Fox series. I remember getting this game for my 7th birthday and being in total love with it. I’d even stare at the box art and soak it in. I mean, when you’re 7 years old, having spaceships, lasers, explosions and a cool fox man thing, made for not only a great game but a kick ass box art.

The 80s in one image.

To be totally honest with you all, the only reason this is here, because even though it has a spaceship, it more has to do with the fact there’s not only a shark, a robot and a giant spider on the box, it’s more to do with the kid. That’s the most perfect 80s kid I’ve ever seen ever. Soak it in everyone.

I still don’t know what this fucking game is about.

Whenever you see a  box art story on a website, you eventually see this one, so I guess that means I’ve jumped the shark? Anyway, this is one of the most confusing box arts I’ve seen. There’s…a spaceship in space, spaceshipping it up I assume, but then there’s an old man playing the banjo looking generally lost. I really still don’t know how the two relate, but I haven’t played the game. In its own way though, this is bad ass box art because it doesn’t give a single fuck, but it makes you curious and intrigued. And in the end, that’s what makes you want to play it.

I could go on with more examples, but those are some great ones I found in my travels. So basically, the point is spaceships are wicked cool.

Have you got a suggestion for a Bad Ass Box Art? Or have your own spaceship related one? Leave a comment below!


  1. jimuhsien · · Reply

    Being 15 didn’t make Starfox any less awesome!

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