LEGO City Undercover DLC Unboxing

What’s this? “You can’t ‘unbox’ DLC” I hear you say? Well my friends, this is no ordinary DLC!

What we have here is the LEGO City playset that ties into the upcoming LEGO City Undercover on Wii U! What’s really cool about this is by buying LEGO, you get some download codes for vehicles and some extra missions in the game, plus you nab yourself an awesome Chase McCain minifig for yourself! But hey, maybe you should check out the video instead of reading this to see what else you get!

LEGO City Undercover releases for Wii U on March 28th.


  1. Saw the cover image.

    Shiggy Legoman looks like Spielberg Legoman


  2. Where are the road spikes?

  3. Bigdog · · Reply

    I got this but am not sure where to enter the DLC in game to unlock, any help? Still haven’t gone to the eshop but I can’t find it anywhere in-game. The code itself is on the license plate of the car you build. It’s a nice set, my kid LOVES it, I’d just like to take advantage of the content. The game is awesome, 9.5/10.

    1. n
      Hey dude! Enter the big 4wd’s number plate at the police station. You do it outside at the garage. You can’t do it right away, a few chapters in though you can. It’s literally just as you exit the interior of the station. Two big blue garage doors and a computer between them! Hope this helps!

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