The Best of a Generation: Shiggy Edition

Like Pants has said, we are seeing the end of this generation of consoles. There’s that transition of both hype and sadness, where we’re saying goodbye to the consoles we enjoyed but saying hello to the next ones. We’ve seen Pants’ picks for his three favourite games of this Generation, but what about others?

Mine will probably be a bit different to everyone else’s but hey, variety is the spice of life! Also a quick note, I’m not going to bring up Max Payne 3, just because I’ve banged on about it so much and I don’t have much else to say about it! But I freakin’ love that game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

There’s still something so whimiscal and magical about SMG2, that even to this day, there’s so much joy and excitement to it all. Every moment is just pure fun. Soaring through space and collecting star bits never gets old. Exploring the deepest reaches of space with Mario and Yoshi and getting every star was and still is one of the best gaming experiences of my life.

Why I loved it:

You know when you get such a perfect gaming experience, the one where you could play for hours on end, lose track of time and realise it’s 4 in the morning before you know it? That’s what Super Mario Galaxy 2 is for me. It does what a sequel should, perfect and refine, but never compromise. It’s got the Miyamoto touch  everywhere and it really shows. SMG2 was a game I finished in a week, went back and collected all 120 stars, then went back and collected all the extra stars. I couldn’t get enough and it pained me that when I collected that final star, I wouldn’t have that fresh feeling with it ever again. It was perfect in all regards and not only summed up what I loved about the Wii, but what I loved about Nintendo and games. If you haven’t played this game, go out and rectify it, you’re missing out on one of THOSE gaming experiences.

Red Dead Redemption

I can see this game being on a lot of peoples lists for many varying reasons. I love Westerns. I love the stories that come from them, the characters, the themes and the experiences that come from watching movies like A Fistful of Dollars. Cowboys are something I admire in a weird way. Red Dead Redemption let me live out my cowboy fantasies and then some.

Why I loved it:

There’s so much to experience in RDR. You have a gripping tale of well…redemption in the form of John Marston, who’s such an amazing character, the perfect hero for the story that unfolds. You have the gunplay that never feels old, that always excites and surprises whether it’s on horseback or on foot. There’s a vast land to explore, full of nooks and crannies at every corner. Multiplayer that’s not only fun but extremely addictive and compelling. Even after the game is done and you’ve 100%’ed it, there’s still things to do. Crafting your own stories is what makes this game great, sharing them is another. RDR brought me together with some great people and shared my experiences with them. Riding down from Blackwater to Chuparosa with your compadres, just chatting away was always a highlight.  But even with all these things, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking your trusty steed, jumping on and riding, taking in the scenery, the views, the landscapes and the wonder of this well crafted world. To me, I’ve never played a more realised open world game. Red Dead Redemption is a game I’ll always treasure.

No More Heroes

I’d never played a Suda51 game before No More Heroes. I had no idea what to expect when I threw myself in the deep end with this. What I expected was that it was going to be a simple game, something I’d play then forget. What I got was something totally different.

Why I loved it:

No More Heroes is just odd. It stars Travis Touchdown who by all means is an asshole, but one of my favourite characters ever. Using a lightsaber-esque sword called the Beam Katana, Travis fights his way to the top of the UAA (United Assassins Association) to not only be Number 1, but to sleep with Sylvia Christel. There’s something so madcap about the situation, with Travis fighting for himself and his own needs, rather than anyone else that should make you hate him, but you love him instead. The core of NMH is a hack and slash beat em up, but to fight you take on jobs like mowing lawns, collecting coconuts and mundane tasks that completely counteract the fights in the game, which feature insane and crazy personalities vying to hold their ranks in the UAA. You have the likes of Destroyman who’s a superhero, Bad Girl who fights you in a batting cage, covered in blood and a pink dress, and a boatload of others. I loved the contrasts of it all, from one extreme to the other. I loved the characters, the fights, the humour of it all. There’s nothing quite like recharging your sword by pretending to vigorously masturbate with a Wimote after all! Within a sea of games that came out at that time, military shooters and games that all looked the same, No More Heroes burst onto the scene, captured my imagination and has held it captive ever since. And I couldn’t be happier.

These 3 games I feel sum up what I love about video games. They’re all compelling and rewarding experiences for different reasons and they were creative bursts of fresh air. I find it funny that I have two Wii games in here too. I really loved the Wii. It provided me with creatively rich games that took risks and never worried what anyone else thought about them.

This was so hard to get down into text. I knew why I loved these games but to verbalise it was crazy. I probably haven’t done these games justice, but know that these were games you should have taken notice of and if you haven’t had the chance to play them, I suggest you do.

The Best of a Generation is something we’d love to see you contribute to, like our GOTY articles, we want to see your choices and why you chose them! What do you think of Shiggy’s picks? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 3 games only? And I haven’t played one of them?

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