The 11pm Report – The Internet Hates New Pokemon

‘What is the 11pm Report?’ you ask. ‘You morons! It’s not 11pm!’ Astute observation! The 11pm Report is a series of (roughly) weekly conversations between Shiggy and Pants written after 11pm as we try to make some semblance of interesting discussion sparked by recent gaming news. Think of it like a ten minute text version of the podcast, with less Doc What and more Pants. This week the duo discuss reactions to new Pokemon design announcements, and wander a little into looking at the worth of the 3DS at present.

Special note! We know some people who’re trying to avoid spoilers for anything relating to the new Pokemon games, so if you don’t want to see an image of a new Pokemon, might be best not to keep reading. Sorry!

Pants: Mr. Ninty! It’s my turn to start us up with something.  How much experience do you have with the Pokemon series?

ShiggyNinty: Got a few games under my belt, young’un! Red, Gold, Pearl and a few hours in Black! I even remember getting Pokemon Red too! Those were the days…Why do you ask?

Pants: So you could say you’re somebody who doesn’t follow the series much these days, including the news about the upcoming games, and have a bit of fondness for the original 151 Pokemon?

ShiggyNinty: Gen 1 forever! I still follow it! Always loved Pokemon and looking extremely forward to X and Y.

Pants: So what’s your reaction to this particular Pokemon that was just recently announced for the new games?

Mewthree? Or something.

ShiggyNinty: I’m curious! Because I love the first 151, with a fondness for Mewtwo and Mew (got a story about Mew!), I wonder how this new Mewtwo-ish form came to be! Has there been backlash about it?

Pants: Yes, but there’s pretty much always backlash when it comes to new Pokemon. Pretty much every generation of starter Pokemon was met with a lot of hate online when they were first announced. I just find this one in particular interesting because it’s something that’s playing with the original generation of Pokemon and people have been a lot more vocal about it as a result. There’s a lot of fans of the first generation out there who are quick to hate anything new for whatever reason, but this time it’s a little different. Your response is pretty refreshing!

ShiggyNinty: Well I mean, it’s playing off nostalgia a bit, but after learning how Mewtwo came to be, it just makes me wonder where this one comes from! Fans can be interesting sometimes. I think it’s OK to not like something but when there’s that huge backlash and anger, I don’t get it. Same deal with fanboys.

Pants: But with the Pokemon series, the response can be so dramatic, more dramatic than any other responses I see and I’ve always found that off-putting. I’ve bought one of every generation of Pokemon games even if I haven’t liked some of the designs, but for some people it’s such a deciding factor. It looks like you’ve taken a break from the series along the way – and I’m not attributing it to hating the designs, mind – what were the reasons for that break?

ShiggyNinty: I didn’t play Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald just due to not having a Game Boy Advance, always wanted to go back and give it a crack. With Black, I had just invested tens of hours into HeartGold, so it was more just being tired with the gameplay at that point. Haven’t gone back to it since, so that’s why I’m keen on trying X and Y, looks like a fresh take on the old games.

Pants: I think I’m feeling the same thing now, after I just couldn’t get into Black and White 2. Maybe it’s fatigue with the series, because sometimes it’s hard to see what’s really, REALLY different between some generations in terms of gameplay, and X and Y already look like they’ve made more drastic changes than any other entry in the series.

ShiggyNinty: I think the jump from 2D/3D to proper 3D is going to help. If anything, we know it’s going to sell a shit ton of 3DS’.

Pants: Okay that’s something else I’ve been thinking about! I use my 3DS almost exclusively as a Streetpass machine at the moment. Having a 3D Pokemon game on it is really going to change that, and I can’t wait. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I simply haven’t bought a 3DS game since the day I bought the console…

ShiggyNinty: Change that, go and get Luigi’s Mansion 2! It’s great! But you weren’t there at the beginning of the launch were you? You got yours a few months later right?

Pants: I bought mine about June last year and the only proper 3DS game I own for it is Super Mario 3D Land (which is great). It’s just been a little neglected.

ShiggyNinty: At the beginning there was really nothing to play. I didn’t buy a 3DS game for ages after launch. Once Ocarina of Time and SM3DL hit though I think that’s when a lot of titles hit. The last game though before I bought Luigi’s Mansion 2 was the Bit.Trip Saga which I loved. I think it’s a great machine with lots of stuff to play on it…maybe it’s just your tastes as to what you want?

Pants: I’ve never been much of a handheld gamer for whatever reason, beyond playing an awful lot of Pokemon, but I justified the purchase based on expectation – as in they were eventually going to do a Pokemon game for the 3DS, only a matter of time. And then Ace Attorney 5 was announced, and oh man, hype. I know I’ll use it eventually, but not so much right now.

ShiggyNinty: Yeah, it’s a system that caters to a lot of different groups for a lot of different reasons. I love it though, love the amount of eShop stuff that’s going up and it’s only going to improve. Hopefully the same happens for the Wii U!

Pants: I feel like Nintendo are really missing out by not doing much with Pokemon on their bigger consoles. It’s so prevalent on handhelds but there’s not much going on elsewhere. Remember Pokemon Snap?! Things like that would be wonderful. I know people give Nintendo flack for using the same franchises over and over but the transition between handheld to console means that they can do so many different things with the franchise and I wish they’d do that more.

ShiggyNinty: I’d kill for a new Pokemon Snap. That isn’t a joke either. I really would. Nintendo get criticized a lot for rehashing which is fair enough, but for a lot of their games, they put a lot of quality behind it. I wish they did more with the Pokemon series on a console but I think they realize the importance of it on the handhelds. Removing that sort of exclusivity might water down the mainstream games. I think that makes sense. Well I know what I’m saying anyway!

Pants: No I get you, maybe more of something isn’t always the best. But even one game on the Wii U could be interesting, especially if it was something different. While some people have been complaining about the new Pokemon designs, X and Y have definitely drawn some attention from old fans for being a bit different, so that’s got to mean something.

ShiggyNinty: It’s weird just how divisive and diverse the fanbases can get with this sort of thing. It’s interesting! That’s what I love about games. So many opinions and none of them are really wrong, except the ones saying Generation 1 are shit.

Pants: I always liked Generation 2 the best. It had the electric sheep! And the legendary dogs were awesome. But I also really liked Generation 5, so I’m not too hesitant about what’s coming next!

ShiggyNinty: I’m sure, as with any generation there will be ones we love and ones we hate.

Pants: Okay one question: what’s your favourite Pokemon of all time? Mine is Growlithe, I have one in my party every game.

ShiggyNinty: Bulbasaur, because he’s #001!

Pants: Fire beats grass, bro.

What’s your favourite Pokemon, dear reader?


  1. Shiggy didn’t own a Gameboy Advance? That’s it, you’re out of the club.

    I love this pre-launch period though. The Pokémon community is so massive that speculation runs wild from the smallest tidbit of information. Not to mention the truckloads of fanart that are created the second after anything new is revealed. It’s great!

    (And I’m sure my avatar can give you a hint towards what my favourite Pokemon is…)

  2. I never understood the argument that any particular generation had definitively worse design than any other. Every gen has its ups and downs. Even Gen I. Just look at something like Exeggcute (a half dozen eggs) or Grimer (a literal pile of sludge). If either of those were new designs for Gen V the internet would have exploded.

    As for my favourites, I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to one, so in no particular order my top 17 are Leavanny, Gallade, Mamoswine, Glaceon, Togekiss, Magnezone, Torterra, Seviper, Aggron, Blaziken, Houndoom, Mantine, Espeon, Mew, Magmar, Rhydon and Dewgong.

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