Boldly Going Where Everyone Else Has Gone!

Minecraft. YouTube. Let’s Plays. This is a combination we’ve seen many times before. We’ve seen good and bad results a million times over and it’s finally time Potaku throws its hat into the ring.

While the server is doing as well as it is, we’ve decided to plan some fun with the community. Thanks to some help from Powalen, we’re currently building a boatload of challenges for you all to play, but we’re building them with a set purpose in mind! They’re short, relatively easy little challenges designed for four people at once as part of a competition (or series of competitions) to win the renowned and not at all only just made up by Powalen last night Potaku Cup.

Here’s where you come in. We need people to help participate in our tomfoolery and hijinks! What you’d be doing is taking part in the challenges we have laid out, having a fun time with friends and competing  for a great and grand prize!* What you need to do is express interest in whether or not you’d like to join us either through the comments section, or contact via Twitter or email. It’s that simple. It’ll probably be a first-in-best-dressed sort of deal and we’re looking for around 8 people or so to participate, so you’ll have to get in quick! Filming will more than likely take place later next week, potentially on the Friday so keep the date free! You may need a microphone (to be decided – you might not!). We’re still sorting things out, and it’s a first time effort, so have patience!

There’s not much more to it than that! Like I said, we’re still building stuff to do that will be interesting and awesome fun to play, but you can help with that too by giving us suggestions or helping build! If all goes well, you will be a YouTube star** and have great fun doing it! And this is only the beginning! Get cracking everyone!

* Great and grand prize to be determined. If you’re in Sydney, maybe we’ll by you a slurpee

** All imaginary profit that comes with being a YouTube star goes directly into Potaku’s equally imaginary wallet


  1. I would like to joing oin on said shenanigan.

    1. I would also like to learn to type good.

  2. Count me in on the shenanigans

  3. Lucifer9783 · · Reply

    Oh, Me too!

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