Monthly Archives: May 2013

Caboose or Master Chief? Halo and Red vs Blue

Let’s talk about fanworks overshadowing the original product they’re based on. Since the example is Halo, you might think that’s a bit difficult. It’s such a huge, well-known franchise. How do you overshadow that? I think it’s possible.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus: A Love Letter

For many, this’ll be preaching to the choir, but here goes the sermon any ways

Risk Legacy: Game Three: Bum Rush The Stage!

In this game of Risk Legacy, things were over before they started.

JB Hi-Fi Redrawn Game Covers

I may be behind on the times but when did JB Hi-Fi start hand drawing game covers for preowned games? More importantly: why did no-one inform me of this hilarious new trend?

RAM 006: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

[Includes unmarked spoilers for the first three episodes]  RAM has mostly been about our early gaming days so far, so let’s take a look at something a bit more modern for a nice change of pace, because games still have a lot of meaning today.

The Nintendo Wavebird: The Perfect Controller.

There’s nothing better than a perfect feeling controller.

Where and Why do you Buy?

Purchasing a product is only half the battle.

The Kinect Conundrum

I’ve never been that big an advocate for things like the Kinect. As far as motion control gaming goes, the Wii remote is about as much as I’m willing to use.

Will I Ever Get to Borrow Games Again?

Over the past week I’ve managed to save at least $120 through the simple act of borrowing games off of friends. What a convenience!

Minitaku – We’re Gonna Get Xboned.

Well, about time we did another one of these huh? This Minitaku focuses on the reveal of the Xbox One, the PS4 and how the we’re moving into the next generation of consoles. Oh and we can’t forget our little buddy the Wii U!