Three Beards and a Let’s Play: The Potaku Cup: Just like Star Trek

Well, here it is. Episode 1 of our Let’s Play series!

What you have here is the first round of our Potaku Cup. Our competitors ShadowRize, Aleph-null, Greenius and Redartifice gear up and prepare for battle! Who will win? Who will come out on top or fall in the lava and burn up like crispy, crispy bacon! Mmm…bacon…

Plenty more coming your way in the near future. The Cup’s been chopped up into delicious bite-sized portions for you to devour over the next week or so. All good things in moderation, right?

We hope you guys enjoy, it may be a bit rough but we’re learning! JUST ENJOY IT!

One comment

  1. That was awesome. Can’t wait for future installments. Hopefully I can take part in the Potaku Cup 2: Electric Boogaloo

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