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Potaku 5 Episode 1 – Pantsiversary! F#@ked In The Ar$e!

Unfortunately for you, we’re back for yet another season of the award winning* internet podcast, Potaku!

Nintendo: Without Mario it Would be a New IP

“If we didn’t put Mario on it, then it would just seem like a new IP.” This is what Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications said in response to questions of innovation and the number of Mario games released recently.

Wait, Mega Man has a Pistol? Lost in Translation

It’s weird looking back at old box art for video games. Low definition graphics meant artists had to get creative with how to present the games. But sometimes those illustrations go on to be resurrected by the internet.

Customise Your Town Tune in Animal Crossing the Fun Way

I am musically incompetent. When Isabelle first gave me the chance to change up the town tune in the latest Animal Crossing I just stared at the screen in front of me with mild confusion. I don’t understand notes. I don’t understand anything!

Pokemon Video Game Australian National Championships to be Held at PAX Australia

PAX Australia will be a place for fun and excitement and, for us, an opportunity to push ourselves to hopefully make some great content. But it’s also a place of competition, where Pokemon trainers will go head to head in an effort to be the very best (like no one ever was).

The Playstation 4 Won’t Come Bundled With a Camera

The Playstation 4 currently beats out the Xbox One with a $100 price point difference, but it seems that didn’t come without some sort of sacrifice.

On Saints Row IV and Classification

I shouldn’t have to, but I’m going to establish my bonafides here. I loved the last two Saints Row games.

The PSN is Having a Sale on Original Playstation Games

From now until July 10th, the Playstation Store is having a sale where you can pick up some of the games that made my childhood at incredibly cheap prices.

Is Digital Distribution Really the Future?

Before Microsoft did a complete 180 on their DRM policies last week, the Xbox One was being touted as ‘the console of the future’ and everything in those policies pointed towards digital distribution becoming the clear path forward.

Saints Row IV Refused Classification in Australia

Well, crap.