E3 Week: Sony Wins – DRMALITY!

Hi all! Seeing as I’m the resident Sony guy I’m gonna talk to you all about the Sony conference. So grab your Cheetos and open the Mountain Dew. LETS GET OUR NERD ON!

How to share a PS4 game

So Sony have a new console, right? And it’s a console we don’t know a great deal about. Or, you know, what it looks like. But that changes now.

The presser started late, but when it started, the hype was there. Did it live up to the hype?

Some time was spent on the Vita (now into it’s second year on the market). It seems like Sony are focusing on the Vita which is great. It’s an amazing handheld and, sadly, very underutilized. There was also some talk about TV, but thankfully they kept it to a minimum and just announced some new deals in the works and quickly moved on.

First off, the console. It’s a black box. Surely this didn’t come as a surprise? But I still think the PS4 is a little bit more stylish than the Xbone box. Bias? Maybe. But it’s personal preference and I’m sure some people prefer the Xbone. It’s all good baby!

Here it is.

I’m excited about how many new IPs were shown although I’m not sure they had the number of exclusives Microsoft managed to nab. I’m pretty keen on The Order. There were also some amazing announcements including a new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now Final Fantasy XV) and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Clearly this really all about the games with some great trailers and announcements, but all of this was overshadowed by the highlight of the event…

NO DRM! You can buy, trade and share games the same way you could with the PS3 and this brought the house down. A standing ovation and the chants of “SONY!” are clear indicators of how gamers feel and where their money will be going. I’ve been gaming for a long time and I’ve never seen such a reaction, and when the reaction is to “Look how we AREN’T doing what the other guy is”, well, it doesn’t bode well for the other guy. You might as well call Microsoft “The baddies” in this years narrative.

Local pricing is a rather steep $549 ($150 more than The US$399 compared to the $100 more we’ll pay for the Xbox One)  although with any luck this will be adjusted before the Christmas season begins. While not a great price conversion, the local price tag still puts it at $50 less than the Xbone.

One downside does seem to be that online gaming will require a PS+ subscription which is a sad step backwards, especially after Jack Tretton quoting how many people are already subscribing anyway. The ability to play online at no extra cost was definitely a a plus for the PS3 (which you can still play online, with or without PS+). Given Sony’s history with the PS3 and Vita and their “no DRM” announcement, it would be reasonable to assume that the new Sony console will also be region free which gives you the ability to source cheaper games as well as games not released in your local region although we’re still waiting on confirmation from Sony for anything concrete on this matter.

Despite the subscription fees, I think there was one clear winner (if there can be such a thing) at this year’s E3 and it was Sony and their PS4.

You check out the Playstation Blog for more details and trailers from this years conference.

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  1. I’m genuinely excited about the PS4, and I’m not a dude who isn’t a fan of Sony, so that says a lot.

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