E3 Week: Take a Look at the PS4’s Multitasking UI

Let’s take a (very brief) look at some user interface goodness, everyone!

The above video goes for almost three hours, but we’re unable to embed the video and set it at a specific time, and currently can’t find this anywhere else on its own, so either skip to 2:41:10 yourself or follow this additional link to be taken there directly.

We’ve seen screenshots of the Playstation 4’s user interface and the homepage before, but it’s nice to see it all in action here, especially with the inclusion of a somewhat compelling showcase of the system’s multitasking capabilities. Stuck somewhere in a game? You can quickly check out videos uploaded by friends to look for help and jump back into the game right afterwards to try it out for yourself. Want to keep playing your game while waiting for something to download? You sure can.

It also shows that it’s possible to download a game in parts, split between multiplayer and singleplayer, which is nice if you have a pressing urge to try one over the other as the dude in this video is. Just look at all the fun these young and hip people are having with their games!

We’re also shown that most of these social and store features will be available for use on your phone – and possibly other tablet devices? The idea of having something like the Steam mobile app for consoles could be important. I think it’ll be nice to at least have the option to buy games via my phone, and perhaps started downloading them, or check in on some friends playing a game while you’re out. The best part is that none of it seems too intrusive, but of course this is just a short video and it’s hard to give any more than initial impressions at present.

What do you think? Is the UI to your liking? Are you a fan of all the focus on social features?

One comment

  1. A lot of things seem to be moving towards the flat/tiled UI (see the IOS 7 announcement). I have mixed feelings about how it looks visually: I loved the XMB for it’s simplicity and accessibility.

    In terms of multitasking, all this stuff is kind of expected, given what you can so with tablets and smartphones. As long as Sony has fixed their rubbish patching/system update process, I’m one happy chappy.

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