E3 Week: A Round In Tekken Revolution


Something that caught my eye this week was the new Tekken Revolution on PSN! So what’s so different about this new entry to the long running franchise? What does this particular game have that would make you part with your hard earned cash? IT’S FREE!

Well, Free to Play that is. Now cool your beans jetman! Don’t get all up in ma face about “Free to Play” or imma have to smack yo ass down (Getting my smack talk ready for online brawling) sucka! What does that mean for Tekken?

Firstly you start with a MUCH smaller roster than that of it’s predecessor, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which gave you a mammoth choice of 59 fighters and it’s whittled it down to a paltry 8! That’s the same number of characters initially available in the original Tekken game. These are newcomers and classics (Asuka, Jack-6, Kazuya, King, Lars, Lili, Law and Paul) with another 4 to unlock later (Alisa, Bryan, Leo, and Steve Fox) which can be purchased using accumulated in-game points. Each fighter has brand new Special Arts and Critical Arts moves to help out new players (I accidentally pulled off one and it was pretty cool!) and you can gain experience points and boost certain stats. The smaller cast makes it easier for newcomers to jump in and pick a character as well as allowing for more strategic thinking with the limited fighters available allowing you to work out strengths and weaknesses, but unfortunately this means more experienced players may find that the character they main is missing. There are also no Story or Training Modes to play and you are limited to online matches and Arcade Mode.


The game also features Battle and Arcade Coins (This is where the Free to Play part comes in) and these work the same way tokens would at your local arcade. You can earn more coins by winning online matches or beating arcade mode as well as just sitting back and waiting. You can also fork over some real-life hard-earned cash for some Premium Coins but, and this is important, you don’t have to. You won’t be left without some top tier fighter just because you’re not buying the premium content.

Coin & Ticket info:

  • New coins appear after a certain amount of time — regardless of whether you’re online or offline, so you can shut down your PS3 without worry and come back to a fresh amount of coins to use.
  • Arcade Coins allow you to play arcade mode, you can have a max of 2 at one time, and a new coin comes up every 60 minutes.
  • Battle Coins allow you to play the online ranked and player match modes. You can have a max of 5, and a new one comes up automatically every 30 minutes.
  • Premium Tickets are awarded to you by accomplishing various feats, like beating arcade mode and such. You can use a premium ticket to play arcade or ranked mode if you’re out of coins.
  • You can hold a max of 999 Premium Tickets, and if you use one to play an online match, and you win that match, you’ll earn another Premium Ticket as a prize. If you lose that online match, you’ll gain more XP than you otherwise would have.
  • Premium Coins work the same way as Premium Tickets, except you have to purchase these.

These are the prices for Premium Coins in US$- 4 for 99 cents, 10 for $1.99, 30 for $4.99.

I’m not a huge fan of the Free to Play model, well, more I’m not a fan of the Pay to Win model but I’m a fan of Katsuhiro Harada and his approach to DLC (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 delivered all extra characters free of charge and outfits are unlocked using in-game currency. paid DLC consisted of unlocking previous game’s music and FMV character endings for the Tekken Theatre) and I think this could be an interesting development.

Due to some connectivity issues, I only managed to play Arcade Mode last night and what I played was just as fun as the game’s big brother. I’ve heard that the online is also just as good with little to no lag although at the end of the day it really depends on your own net connection as well. All in all, I had fun with it and I’ll probably play another game tonight. Harada has said the idea came after noticing people tend to play fighters in 30 minute – 1 hour bursts so it’s really designed to be played that way. I remember playing Tekken 3 from the moment I got the game, all day and all night until I’d unlocked every character so clearly I’m not normal, but I’m older now and this might suit me better. I’m looking forward to giving the online a try tonight to see if I can win some matches and unlock another fighter without paying real money for content already on a disc.

I give the game 53 Shiggys out of an amount of Shiggys I have to give. (Editor’s Note: These numbers aren’t real!)

Tekken Revolution is available on your PSN Store of choice now for free… unless you are shopping on the German store where the game will set you back €1.99 for some reason.


  1. Might have to grap this, but is there a way to restrict an online lobby just to play with friends?

    1. Grap this. Who taught you to spell Red?

    2. I haven’t had a chance to check out the online but you should be able to invite friends like in the other Tekken games. Don’t think you can restrict the lobby to friends only though.

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