How’d you Spend Your First Weekend in Animal Crossing?

So Animal Crossing released in Australia this past weekend and needless to say my life is ruined.

I’ve been drawn back into the cutesy and relaxing world that once held me in its grips before and it seems that most of the people in my life and on my Twitter feed are in the same position as I am. We’re all running around fishing, getting annoyed with Nat for rejecting my 50th Tiger Butterfly, trying to get the townsfolk to love them and invading each other’s villages. For what I thought would be a smaller launch, it’s amazed me how many people have decided to become the Mayor. So how did you guys and gals spend your first weekends in your towns? Mine went a little something like this…

I arrived in the town of Kyoto at around 11AM on the Saturday, and was greeted by the townsfolk. Isabelle was front and center ready to greet me. “Welcome to Kyoto! Are you ready to be the Mayor?” she asked me expectantly. But…I wasn’t told about this! All I came to do was live in a town where I could pick fruit, fish for sharks (which there seem to be a lot…) and to wear Wario hats. THIS IS TOO MUCH RESPOSIBILITY! After the confusion was settled, I thought it’d be a great laugh to actually accept the offer and my new life in Kyoto was ready to begin!

My new house! Nice green roof!

My new house! Nice green roof!

And what a great day to move in! The Bug Off was on! And quickly, the competition runner, Nat, a bright green Chameleon, became my mortal enemy. Before I could compete though, Tom Nook, the local house salesman came to meet me. He told me that I had to find a place to camp for the night that would soon become my permanent residence. He loaned me a tent to stay in and I was soon on my way to trying to win that damn Bug Off. Nat saw that I didn’t own a bug net and he was kind enough to sell me one.

He explained the rules to me. I had from 9AM to 6PM to catch a bug, then he would judge them based on size and colour. After the explanation, I was off! I raced around trying to catch the best bug I could. After a few minutes I eventually found what I considered to be an amazing bug, a Tiger Butterfly and with a name like that, how could I lose? I rushed off back to Nat and he told me it was rare! “I’ve done it!” I thought. And all Nat could say after that? “Oh but everything about this bug is less than great.” He basically told me that I had gotten him shit. Fuck you Nat. You’re an asshole.

The new Town Flag. Inspiration was kind of obvious...

The new Town Flag. Inspiration was kind of obvious…

Soon a visitor came to my town! Patience from Columbus and she was hell bent on causing havoc. She came rushing into my town and spent almost her whole time just hitting people in the head with her net. And then she just left! I immediately closed the gate to my town. I was not going to allow such chaos into my town. What sort of impression does that set to my new town? A BAD ONE THAT’S WHAT! I will soon enact some sort of revenge…

I explored my town a bit more and gained some pears from Isabelle along the way which is great! It’ll compliment the insane amount of orange trees my town has. Need some oranges guys? You know where to come. At this point in time I refocused back on the Bug Off, but even still, Nat was still being an asshole. Honeybees, butterflies, dragonflies, everything I caught he hated. “OH WHAT A RARE BUG! TOO BAD ITS SHIT!” It wasn’t until the final hour and I caught a beautiful big green butterfly that netted me 103 points that I was able to secure victory. As I stood on the podium claiming my gold trophy, I just laughed in his stupid bug eyed face. “I DID IT! CALL ME THE WINNER! I AM THE MAYOR OF KYOTO!”  Without much else to do that day I called it a night and slept soundly in my tent.

Yes Simon. Yes I am.

Yes Simon. Yes I am.

Waking up on Sunday I was met by a surprise. My house was completed! I have no idea how it was done while I was inside…but I’m appreciative it was done! I met with Isabelle and she informed me I could start improving the town…once I had 100% Approval Rating. Ah jeez more stuff to do!

I met up with Nook to talk about my house and he informed that I had a repayment to make of 40,000 Bells. Great. Just what I need, a debt in a new town and I’m the mayor! He did mention that I could pay it off whenever so I guess that’s a plus? I spent the rest of my day fishing trying to repay the debt and eventually getting a good enough approval to be granted the ability to develop this town! There’s hope for this little Mayor left!

The Master of Stealth apparently.

The Master of Stealth apparently.

So I know it’s not entirely interesting if you’ve never played an Animal Crossing game before, but if you’re like the rest of us who own it, you get how compelling this game is. You get that even thought it’s mundane sometimes it’s an insane amount of fun. We plan to have a review of the game up in the next few days, but in the meantime, if you want oranges…come to Kyoto!

How did you spend your first weekend as Mayor? What did you name your town? Let us know!


  1. Didn’t have as much time to play as I would have liked. I’m still living in a tent! I spent most of my free time planting trees and catching fireflies and sending threatening letters to this villager I don’t like very much. Because I’m a nice mayor.

  2. I had no events happening on my first day so I took to going on bug hunts. About 3 hours later I had to question how I was still doing it, but it was still so much damned fun!

  3. You have oranges? I need oranges. I have peaches.
    I pretty much spent the first weekend filling up my museum and gathering all the fruits I can get (I want to make an orchard of everything). The one thing I don’t seem to care about is my house. =P

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