Potaku Farewells the Minecraft Server

It’s a bit sad to have to say this but, due to lack of continuing interest, we’ve taken the Potaku Minecraft server offline for the time being.

You might have noticed already that you can’t connect to it anymore. You might also have noticed that the banner on the side of this site has gone missing. The Potaku Minecraft server is no more!

Activity on the server simply wasn’t enough to justify the upkeep costs anymore. But the server had a good run. We managed to get a whole Let’s Play out of it and there were a lot of cool things in construction around that time. One of my favourites? The giant castle that was in construction in the middle of the ocean by a group of people who weren’t in creative mode. That one took dedication! And I had a few friends who traveled a million blocks away from the spawn simply because they could, which was a bit weird and made them kind of difficult to visit. There’s a lot of good memories with the server.

Which is why it’s a shame that we had to end on things like this, though:

But maybe that’s what happens when we leave the server open to the public. A learning experience, if nothing else.

Minecraft seems to be one of those things where interest wanes over time only to come back hard a few months down the line. So, if interest picks up later in the year we’d be pretty happy to bring the server back for another go. I know the three of us were keen on trying another Potaku cup at some point, too. Hopefully we’ll check back on this in the second half of the year and make a lot more fun memories, as well as some really cool buildings, challenges, and random pixel art everywhere.

Special thanks to Powalen for setting up that cool Minecraft banner so quickly, and to Cakesmith for covering the server costs, setting it up in the first place, and regularly checking in on it to deal with any problems players might have had. Rad dudes, the both of them.

One comment

  1. I don’t have Minecraft, but I think it’s great that you guys even set this up in the first place, based around this little community. Props!

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