New Super Luigi U Looks Terrifying

I’ve talked before about how difficult I found New Super Mario Bros U. It was harder than I ever expected it to be but I finally pushed through and beat the game. Then Nintendo announced New Super Luigi U, a DLC expansion that ups the difficulty.

Nintendo today released a new trailer for New Super Luigi U as part of the Year of Luigi. The trailer talks about all of the differences between the original product and the expansion, and there’s a lot to be interested in.

Gameplay changes include the fact that Luigi jumps higher and further than Mario and slides along the ground for longer distances before stopping. The game boasts over 80 levels redesigned to suit these new mechanics and, from the looks of this trailer, they look pretty challenging. On top of that, and perhaps the most terrifying feature of all, you only have 100 seconds to complete every level. That’s less than two minutes!

It all sounds so difficult, but  the multiplayer will include the ability to play as Nabbit, an invincible rabbit players of the original game might be familiar with. Nabbit doesn’t take any damage, which means he’s a great opportunity to play the game with, say, your younger sibling or cousin who is still learning about games. For everyone else, it might feel like a cheat but, well, it’s only an option, not a requirement of play. Horrendously bad at platformers as I am, I could see myself using Nabbit for a few levels here and there.

The trailer also points out two ways of purchasing the content, due to release July 25th. You can either download the content from the eShop (something we’re familiar with regarding DLC on other consoles) or purchase a new disc in retail. However, the physical release of New Super Luigi U appears to be limited – the trailer mentions it being available only in 2013 – so best get in quick if you’re gunning for a physical copy.

In any case, it’s quite interesting to see Nintendo tackling DLC like this. A physical copy of New Super Luigi U will cost some $60 at EB Games here, though. We’re quite used to DLC and expansions being a lot cheaper, so I’m hoping this is worth such a high price.

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