Because We Needed More Dragonball Z Games: Battle of Z!

Did you know that there are over one million different Dragonball Z games in existence?

(I would like to take this opportunity to specifically point out I am not using the ‘over 9,000’ meme here)

That’s a complete lie, but it’s easy to think it true, because Dragonball Z is one of those manga series that has become such a massive franchise and as a result we’re seeing near yearly releases of games. It feels like it never ends. The Budokai series for the Playstation 2 basically existed to bring out a new iteration every year. You can’t escape Dragonball!

It’s difficult when you’re churning out these games with an incredibly familiar story. Fans know everything, and while they don’t particularly care as much about the story in these games, it can be rather tiring to relive the same fights over and over again. I’ve played the first fight with Raditz so many times in so many different games now. How do you make that different each time? The original Budokai was a straightforward cutscene-to-battle-to-cutscene affair, the sequel turned the story mode into a weird board game of sorts, and the third game let you fly all across the Dragon World and hunt for Dragonballs and items to improve your character’s stats. There has to be some draw to each game to make them a purchase to consider.

In comes Battle of Z, recently announced by Namco Bandai for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita (the Vita version will be digital-only), although as yet it doesn’t appear to have a solid release date. How do you draw in fans who have seen all this already?

Namco Bandai’s press release for the game reads so generically:

Developed by Tokyo based game developer ARTDINK; Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z will feature a large cast of playable characters including Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and a variety of melee and famous attacks including the Kamehameha, Special Beam Cannon, and Spirit Bomb. The epic battles in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z derive their style from the original anime series and will take place in rich environments on both land and in the air. 

Piccolo isn’t even paying attention here

It’s just something everybody has heard before. The draw for Battle of Z, however, appears to be in group battles, which will allow you to team up with up to three other characters to fight your enemies. Dragonball Z games have largely lacked any actual boss battles in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see how they’re handle in this kind of format.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z will let players form teams with up to four characters to participate in group melee action, take on massive boss battles, or challenge other players around the world for brawls featuring up to eight characters on screen at the same time.

It’s showcased quite nicely in the trailer above, although it is a bit confusing at times – why are Piccolo and Krillin there to help fight full power Freeza? They were either dead or incapacitated at the time in the original manga. *snort* *adjusts glasses* So it’s playing around with things here. This could be a cool thing, though – be different from the original story, game!

Hopefully this all means I can make up some kind of ridiculous dream team to fight Doc What with. I’m thinking Piccolo, Mr. Satan, somebody from the Ginyu Force, and the fat Android. Everybody loves the fat Android.

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  1. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Ghosts will have a dog. A Dog!

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