Semi-Review: New Streetpass Games

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Potaku loves Streetpasses.

It’s such a simple concept, yet so engrossing, and it’s a real time sink. Lately we’ve seen it implemented in games like Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. But the only updates we’ve gotten to the Streetpass Plaza itself have been extra puzzles, some more hats and a second Streetpass Quest. Recently, we wrote about how Nintendo wanted us to utilise the feature more and more. In Japan it’s mental how often you Streetpass, while our only real chances at grabbing big numbers here are at events or meet ups. But with a little encouragement we could see more and more. And what’s the form of encouragement? Four new Streetpass games!

There are four new games available to play, after an update is performed. The only downside to these new games? They aren’t free. They’re games you have to pay for, which is a bit of a pain, but in my eyes they’re worth it. Each game is available to buy and download for $6.50 and all four can be grabbed in a bundle for $19.50. This can only be done when you go to purchase your first game, so keep that in mind! If you buy just one, the bundle opportunity will vanish. The four games are made by various studios and all bring new fun to the Streetpass game. So what have we got on offer? I went to Supanova in Sydney the past weekend and with the amount of Streetpass hits there, I was able to get a good feel for them all. Did I enjoy them? Let’s run it down!

Streetpass Squad (Developed by Good Feel)

Streetpass Squad is a side scrolling Shoot Em’ Up, where you take control of a ship and with the people you hit, you gain tiny pods to add to your main ship. As with games like Streetpass Quest, the colour of the shirts the Miis wear affect what weapons you can use. Finding a yellow shirt Mii allows you to use lighting attacks, red is a flame etc…You can have up to 10 people surrounding your ship, with the more you find meaning the more attacks and power you have at your disposal. There’s multiple missions to play, with increasing difficulty as you go on. You can also go back to increase scores, grab any gems you may have  missed in previous runs. It’s an easy to pick up game, but you can be overwhelmed by enemies quickly if you’re not careful. This game takes a bit of your time though, so if you got a spare 5-10 minutes to play this one, then it’s good to pick up!


Streetpass Garden (Developed by GREZZO)

I don’t know what to think of this one. In it, you grow flowers, trying to get 20 different breeds to become the Master Gardener. You start off with one seed and with the help of Mr Mendel, you grow it into a full blossoming flower. But how do you get different breeds? Well with anybody you meet, they’ll come and water your plant and when in full bloom, their flowers cross pollinate with yours and you gain new seeds. You can gain new breeds or colours through these ways and again it’s a simple but deep game. You can also help out with jobs in town, decorate your garden and share photos using the 3DS camera. While I am finding fun with the game, it’s also kind of annoying, I’m constanly being reminded of things, or being taught something new and I just wish Mr Mendel would shut up. It’s flowers buddy! I think I got it sorted!

Gardenin’ errday.

Streetpass Battle (Developed by Spike Chunsoft)

My pick out of the bunch. In this game, you’re the leader of a nation and along with your trusty assistant Wentworth, you have to try and invade, fight and conquer 20 other nations. Simple! But you need an army. How do you gain it? Well…streetpasses…duh. Everytime you pass someone, they will give you some troops, or another monarch (who are other people who own the Battle game) will come and visit, maybe giving you more troops. Using these troops, you go forth and fight other nations. In battle, you have cavalry, archers and lancemen. These 3 troop types work in a Scissors/Paper/Rock type way and using the right ones in battle helps you achieve victory. You can organise troops in any way you want, such as having  more archers and less cavalry. Battles are waged in a best of 3 type style and if you win, you move on to the next fight. Some nations also offer you the chance to upgrade your castle in exchange for some troops, allowing you to hire more people to join your army, in exchange for play coins. Like I said, this is my favourite out of the four, so if you can only buy one, I’d recommend this one.


Streetpass Mansion (Developed by Prope)

This new game is a very close second to Battle in terms of being my favourite. You’re placed in a mansion, where you must reach the 30th floor. To do this you must find the stairs hidden in each floor. How do you do this though? By collecting puzzle pieces from people you meet via Streetpassing! Each puzzle piece is basically either a new room, or an extension to an already existing one. Puzzle pieces are varied in terms of shape, with shirt colour affecting the colour of the room. You place the pieces down and eventually, after placing a piece down in the right place, you’ll uncover the stairs. Placing enough pieces down of the same colour can make rooms containing chests and netting you items, like potions and weapons. Oh yeah, you fight paranormal baddies in this too. Each battle is like an RPG-esque fight, using a ray gun to fight ghosts. You can also defend too, but each actions drains your batteries. Again, it’s another simple fun game but is enhanced by how deceptively deep it is.

Shoot a (ghost) dog!

All in all, these games are a bit of a mixed bag. Playing any of them nets you tickets, which you can use to purchase new hats for your Miis, so the more games you have the more tickets you get. I’d recommend grabbing them all, because they’re all fun in their own ways, I just enjoy the Battle and Mansion games the best. It’s encouraging to see Nintendo make more content for one of the more unique aspects of their handheld. The whole reason Streetpass exists is to encourage you to take your 3DS everywhere you go, and with these new games, I’ll sure be taking it out more often.

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