Playing with my Snake…Figurine

Ever since I went to Japan, I’ve started collecting figurines. I’d always wanted to get some cool movie or video game figures and the temptation of cheap figures while overseas was all too much.

My collection started with Sylvia from No More Heroes and Catherine from the game of the same name. From there it continued to grow, with me getting a Mega Man, Adam Jensen (from Deus Ex: Human Revolution), Max Payne and Eddie Riggs (from Brutal Legend and also the jewel in my ensemble). I just like having something tangible to look at and show my adoration for outside of screaming it on Twitter. Recently, I went to Supanova and picked up a piece I’d been looking at for a while. I walked up to a booth and my eyes were drawn to a big green box.

“Is that Naked Snake? How much is it?” I asked. “It’s on special at $190. We take EFTPOS” was the vendor’s response and before I knew it, I’d transferred the money and payed the man. I was so happy. I kept looking at it, showing all my friends and couldn’t wait to take it home and put it on display. It wasn’t until the past weekend that I was able to crack the box open and behold Snake in all his eye patched glory.

The figure is the Naked Snake Sneaking Suit Variant made by Hot Toys. Hot Toys are renowned for creating highly detailed and incredibly impressive figures. Some of their works include most of the Avengers crew, Superman, Robocop and some of the GI Joe cast. They’ve also made a Boss figurine as well, but right now, let’s focus on Snake.

What a thrill…

I sat out at the big dining room table, I’d need room for this and slowly took my figure out of the box. The figure came out in the casing, but instructions and a small box with all Russian print on it fell out too. I laughed but put it aside, I didn’t need it right now, maybe another time…

With darkness and silence through the night….

After slowly removing the first layer of the plastic, the overwhelming and permeating smell of fresh clean plastic hit my senses. It’s a weird and oddly satisfying feeling. Maybe I liked it because I knew it was brand new and I was the first one getting my hands on it. Regardless, I breathed it in one last time and kept digging.

I couldn’t believe the detail and care that went into this. There’s all these little belts and straps attached to him, all detachable and able to have grenades and weapons added to the tiny pouches if you want. Snake looks exactly like Snake and it’s incredible just the amount of detail that’s present. It looks like it’s ripped right out of the game and I was so happy to be holding this in my hands. I continued on and after removing small sheets of plastic from Snake himself, I began to add all the accessories I could to him.

What a thrill… I’m searching and I’ll melt into you.

Snake has two sheaves on his suit to hold two different knives so I inserted them. He has a holster for a pistol, which you can either place in there or give to him to hold. You could even get him ready for CQC if you wanted to! But for show, I decided he’d get something with a bit more firepower.

To do this though, I had to change around some pieces on him. Snake comes default with two clenched fists, but you’re given replacement hands that are more open, allowing him to hold or grip objects. After unscrewing both hands and replacing the joints that were inside the clenched fists, I attached the new hands and was ready to give him the M16. With a bit maneuvering, twisting and posing, I was able to get Snake to hold the M16 like a badass. After cleaning up and making sure I didn’t want to attach or fix anything I else, I placed Snake up on his stand, did a little bit of fine tuning and stood him up properly.

He looks awesome.

What a fear in my heart… BUT YOU’RE SO SUPREME!

I placed him in my room, alongside all the other figures I’ve got and he looks great amongst them. As a 1/6 scale figure, he’s not a huge one, but it makes up for it with the detail and great presentation the figure presents. I’m very happy with the figure, as something that I had wanted for a good while now, having it in my home and getting the chance to get a feel and look for it, it doesn’t disappoint. If you love Metal Gear, figurine collecting or are just a fan of video games, you should find it and grab it. It’s well worth it!

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