Get Your Hands on the MOGA Mobile Game Controllers at PAX Australia

I’m completely out of the loop on this one – mobile gaming isn’t particularly my thing, especially since my model of phone doesn’t handle gaming well at all.

But it’s nice to think that, if I had a better phone, this kind of device would be right up my alley. I’m not the biggest fan of touchscreen controls. One of my biggest issues with them is the fact that my hands generally get in the way of the screen while I’m playing. I’ll always prefer a controller, even on a mobile platform.

So it’ll be interesting to see exactly what this MOGA Mobile Gaming System is when it comes to PAX Australia later in the month. The system has apparently picked up quite a bit of steam overseas, but news of it in Australia hasn’t been particularly present until now, with the controllers scheduled for release next month.

The MOGA controllers are designed to bring precision into mobile gaming on Android devices and provide an alternative to some of the looser touchscreen controls. The controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to play games in what I personally consider a more comfortable way. MOGA will be showcasing two controllers at the event. The MOGA Pocket Controller is the base form requiring batteries, while the MOGA Pro is fully rechargeable. Man, I remember using batteries in my Gameboy Colour. That’s going a long way back! Meanwhile, the Pro looks like your standard gaming controller today, so imagine taking an Xbox 360 controller on the train with you, but with your (Android) phone attached to it.

The system already has significant support from major publishers (from SEGA to Namco Bandai to Rockstar) and as a result, upon release it will feature a slew of big titles including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The constantly updating library can be accessed by downloading the MOGA Pivot app for free on the Google Play store. I like free things. Never mind that I have to pay for a controller to use them. Shh.

Pre-orders for the controllers, which will release in Australia mid-August, have today gone up on the EB Games website. The controllers will be available for preview in booth 1209 for the duration of PAX Australia.

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