Remember Xbox Live Rewards? It’ll Still Be Relevant

If you can say it was ever relevant, really.

When Microsoft announced they would be replacing their old Microsoft Point system with proper regional currency on Xbox Live, about five people thought ‘well, what about Xbox Live Rewards?’ Xbox Live Rewards is a name that pretty much says everything about what it does right there: it rewards you for using Xbox Live. Be it taking a survey, making Xbox Live purchases over certain time periods, or just using features on the Xbox 360, the system rewards you with Microsoft Points that are transferred to your account once they hit a certain number.

Given Microsoft Points are being shelved now, it stands to reason that Xbox Live Rewards needs to either adapt or be shelved as well. In a pop-up message on the Rewards site itself, Microsoft has revealed they plan to continue using the system in a new format. We don’t actually know how yet, but Microsoft is quick to assure that they’re using the currency change as an opportunity to ‘make Xbox Live Rewards even better.’

I don’t know how you can make anything better than a 20 Microsoft Point reward on your birthday. I mean, that’s like ten whole cents or something! It’s just – wait a minute…

The system will continue to exist, but in another form. Microsoft will reveal their plans for the system on the 1st of September, so there’s still some time to make some guesses if anyone even wants to. Maybe we’ll just see ten cents deposited into our account instead of that mildly deceptive 20MSP.

Microsoft assures users that all pending points Rewards users have stored up will be deposited into their account proper by August 7th and that, when the time comes to switch to actual currency on Xbox Live, all remaining Microsoft Points will be converted into your region’s currency to be used as normal.

It’s the answer to a problem not many were really thinking about, but there you go.

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