What Time Is It?! ADVENTURE (Game Building) TIME!

Unless you got a case of wacked out poo brain, check this out.

Cartoon Network has recently released a web browser game on their amazingly charming series Adventure Time! What do you do in it though? Well that’s something I can help solve for you! This particular foray into the Land of Ooo is one where you, that’s right YOU, get to make the games! It’s the Adventure Time Game Creator! Want to set up a level where scabloads of enemies come at you bro? Do it! What about one where you gain a buttload of power ups? You can do that too! It’s simple, fun and quick to create and play.

Right now you’re able to play and build your levels, but also grab levels others have built or upload your own for others to play. Sure it’s a game made for kids, but you’d be surprised at the amount of depth and capabilities that you could create in this deceptively simple game. Heck, I’ve been playing for the last half hour! There’s a variety of goals you can choose to aim for too, such as eliminating all the baddies. Right now though, you can only play as the two main heroes of the show, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human but more will be apparently added as time goes on.

Browser based games are a real minefield to navigate. There’s a lot of crap you have to avoid before you find the good stuff. I remember back when I first got the internet, with a crappy Dial Up modem (56k all the way!) and spending ages loading up browser games that managed to hold my attention for ages. Again these were simple games but they usually had some hook to it. You’d go to school and show friends the games you’d played and soon you’d have a whole class playing Crazy Truck or something or other. Sometimes you’d get something even more advanced and awesome like Runescape. Remember Runescape?

I think what I like about this game is it lets you make a game you want using familiar characters and environments. Right now I’m building a level full of lava, platforming and enemies, with Finn ready to fight and prove he’s a great Adventurer. So what are you waiting for, come on grab your friends, go to a distant land and I’m sure the fun will never end!


Source: Cartoon Network

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  1. sarcasmfairy · · Reply

    Shall get my kids to build a level for me 😀 thanks for the heads up on this. I wouldn’t of known otherwise

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