Potaku 5 Episode 3 – We’d Run It Into The Ground


It’s only a week until PAX and we haven’t prepared at all and we thought it’d be better if we did this instead! Welcome to Potaku!

On this week’s episode we’re joined by NovaCascade as he joins the gang to talk about a whole bunch of crap! Ever wanted to hear our opinions on the latest Nintendo fiasco? Or what we think the best and favourite IPs of this generation are? Well you’re in luck! It’s all here! There’s also the discussion of how much we’re going to charge you for storage at PAX and Shiggy gushes about the GTAV trailer. We’re in the final days before we head down to Melbourne and we’re getting excited! Tide yourself with the thrill of meeting us by listening to the dulcet sounds of our voices! Enjoy!

You can follow us on Twitter – Shiggy Ninty, Doc What, Alex Pants, NovaCascade


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