Summer Steam Sales: The First Two Days

Where Cakesmith offers advice on the best games to pick up during the Steam sales for those of you who want to make your wallets cry.

First, let us pray:

Our Gaben, who art at Valve
Glorious be thy beard
Thy Half-Life (never) come
Thy will be done on earth
As it is at Valve
Give us this day our daily deals
And forgive us our spending
As we forgive those who spend alongside us
May discounts lead us not into temptation
But deliver us flash sales
For thine kingdom is the Valve
The Steam and the daily deals
For ever and ever

It is that wonderful time of year again people. STEAM SALES! A time of year that is both highly anticipated and feared by gamers all around the world.

I don’t feel I need to go into what the Steam sale is as most people are aware. So, let’s get down to the deals!

This sale runs from 10am July 11th (3am 12th for us) to 10am July 22nd (3am 23rd for us).

It’s already day 2 of the sales but Steam is continuing their previous traditions. Here’s how the deals work:

Daily Deals – New deals every day at 3am. Deals last 48hrs.

Flash Deals – New deals every 8 hours.

Community Choice – New deals every 8 hours. Each deal is chosen by the community by voting for 1 of 3 deals. The deal that wins goes on sale. Voting closes 30 minutes before the deal is due to change.

Unless the game is part of one of the above deals, hold off buying it. If, by the end of the sale it hasn’t been discounted further then you can buy it. Refer to this helpful chart for assistance:

As it is day 2, I will cover both yesterday and today’s deals. These are only recommendations and you should know what kind of games will suit your liking. Here we go!

Day 1:

Antichamber -66% $6.79 USD

I loved Antichamber. This game WILL break your mind. It’s designed to take everything you know about gaming and turn it on its head. It has a unique art style that will put some people off, but for this price  I highly recommend it.

People who suck at puzzle games, consider yourself warned.

Hotline Miami -75% 2.49 USD

Oh man, there is so much love for this game. And it deserves it. I don’t really know what else to say about it that people haven’t already. For this price it is definitely a must buy.

Defiance -66% $13.59 USD

MMOFPS. That alone will let you know if you want to get this or not. It’s tied in to a TV show of the same name that I’ve heard is a little terrible, but the game itself is meant to be pretty good. There are no monthly subs for this one, but microtransactions ahoy. I haven’t played it, but I have picked it up and will be checking it out.

Bioshock Infinite -50% $39.99 USD

I’m a huge fan of the Bioshock series. Each game has their strengths and weaknesses. Infinite was probably a little too hyped, but it looks amazing and the gunplay, while it is the weakpoint, isn’t terrible. Having said that, $39.99 USD is still a high price and it can be found $5 cheaper on Ozgameshop all the time. The season pass is also not discounted.

You can also grab Bioshock and Bioshock 2 for 75% off, making them $4.99 USD each.

Don’t Starve -40% $8.99 USD

I haven’t played this one yet. It got some pretty good reviews when it came out and was pretty highly anticipated. It was created by the same guys that made Shank (which were pretty fun games) and is an open world survival game.

I bought it, but maybe check some reviews first.

Endless Space -66% $10.19 USD

Wow, so there’s a bunch of games on the first day that I’ve never actually played. I actually own this but have never gotten around to playing it. It’s a turn based strategy 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) game set in space. If that appeals to you, then it has been fairly well reviewed. It apparently does have a steep learning curve. Like Don’t Starve, check out some reviews first.

Scribblenauts Unlimited -75% 4.99 USD

Scribblenauts was the game that got me playing my DS again back in the day. Its shift to PC was an interesting one, but it works quite well. How much enjoyment you will get out of this will depend on how creative you are. Most of the fun with this game comes from finding creative ways to solve the problem. The introduction of ‘adjectives’ is a welcome one. Now we can have Dancing Cthulhu!

For $5 I recommend this one.

Left 4 Dead 2 -75% $4.99 USD

Ah zombie games. Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the greatest co-op games out there. Unfortunately, we get stuck with the edited down version. It’s only $5 but it really does make it a completely different game. If you have a way of getting the US version, by all means go for it, but for the Australian version I just can’t recommend it.

On the plus side Left 4 Dead is now completely built in to Left 4 Dead 2, so you have access to all those campaigns and characters with the added bonus of melee weapons and additional special infected.

Toki Tori 2 -34% $9.89 USD

I know nothing about this game. Absolutely nothing. I own the first one and have never played it. I sent a tweet out earlier asking if anyone had anything to say about them and got nothing back. So, with that said, here is a Wikipedia excerpt:

“Toki Tori 2 received favorable reviews with an aggregate score of 77/100 on Metacritic, based on 26 critic reviews.”

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger -33% $12.02 USD

This game is an interesting one. It came out of nowhere and got some amazing reviews. Call of Juarez is a strange beast. After a slightly better than average second title, it moved into modern day times and that game was just awful. Some interesting ideas though.

I’ve been waiting for this one to go on sale and have already picked it up. The idea of how the story is told is really appealing. You’re basically the hero retelling what happened to people at a bar, so events will change on the fly as you explain what “really happened”. For $12? Sold. And Juarez is fun to say.

And we’re halfway there!

Day 2:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare -75% $6.24 USD

Chivalry came out at the same time as War of the Roses and players seemed to be divided between the two. I was in the War of the Roses camp and haven’t actually played Chivalry. Having said that, the game looks pretty good and has managed to maintain a large player base, something that can’t be said for War of the Roses.

If you’re looking for some medieval multiplayer action, this is the game to get.

Darksiders II -80% $9.99 USD

Oh Darksiders. I want to love you. I really do. Something has just never sat right with me and Darksiders. The first Darksiders was Zelda meets God of War. You played as War, a slow, heavy hitting tank. In Darksiders 2, you play as Death. He is more agile so combat feels less floaty and plays out quicker. Will you get $10 worth of value? Most likely. The DLC is also on sale, including the season pass for $4.99 USD, as well as the original Darksiders for $3.99 USD.

As a forewarning, this is a pretty bad PC port. Texture quality is pretty terrible.

Fez -50% $4.99 USD

A lot of people don’t like Phil Fish. I get that. But they’re missing out on a wonderful game. I bought this on 360 when it came out and had no hesitation buying it again here. It’s a charming puzzle platformer and the advantage of having it on PC means that most of the bugs from the original game should be ironed out.

Highly recommend.

The Walking Dead -75% $6.24 USD

I’ve talked about The Walking Dead before. It was on so many peoples GOTY lists last year. If you don’t already have it, get it. Warning: FEELINGS!

Sadly, the new DLC 400 Days isn’t discounted at all, but it’s still only $4.99 USD.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 -85% $4.49 USD

Take the much loved sniper mission from Call of Duty 4 and turn it into an entire game. What could go wrong!?

Everything. Everything went wrong. No, just no.

Anno 2070 -50% $17.46 USD

I’ve been meaning to check this game out for ages. Will I grab it? Probably not. I cannot figure out what is putting me off this game. It’s a city builder, real time strategy game. I love games like that. It even got good reviews! But there’s just something stopping me.

I dunno, check out some reviews and gameplay and find out if this one is for you.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II -50% $44.99 USD

Do I really need to write anything about this? Chances are if you want this game you already have it. It’s Call of Duty. You know exactly what it is.

None of the DLC is on sale and the only other heavily discounted COD game is Black Ops.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 -66% $3.39USD

I want to say yes. Purely because it’s $3.39 and is one of the most unintentional hilarious games I’ve played this year. This game is not designed to be played well, but rather to see how badly you can play it.

Just Cause 2 -80% $2.29 USD

I prefer to call this GI: Joe: The Game.  With the muliplayer still in the works and being a hell of a lot of fun, I highly recommend this one. It’s one of the best “mess around” games you can get. Not as silly as Saints Row, not as serious as GTA but more over the top than both of them. Buy it!

FTL Faster Than Light -75% $2.49 USD

So many hours spent. So many lives lost. I’ve never actually finished a run of this game successfully. It will consume your life and stress you out beyond belief. If this was on the likes of the iPhone or iPad I would be playing this every day to and from work. Get it and enjoy the wonders of a throwback to the sprite games of old.

And that’s it. So many games. So many deals!

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