Potaku 5 Episode 5 – Robot Ghosts


We all have PAX fever still! Some of it genuine excitement, the rest are infected with Nerd Flu. Welcome to Potaku!

On this week’s show, our lovely boy Rocketman joins the gang as we discuss almost all things PAX. What did we think of the show? What shenanigans did we raise while we were there? Was Johann Sebastian Joust the best thing there? Yes, yes it was. There’s also talk of Indies on Xbone, Earthbound, Doc pitching his holiday movie “Christmas with the Gibsons” and some other cool stuff . We don’t want to spoil it here, you gotta listen!

Have a great week guys and enjoy!

You can follow us on Twitter – Shiggy Ninty, Doc What, Alex Pants, Rocketman


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