Grand Theft Auto V Quietly Sneaks in With an R 18+ Rating

Contrary to all the woes Deep Silver have experienced getting Saints Row IV classified in Australia (to date, it remains Refused Classification), Rockstar’s next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series has been classified R 18+. It will be released in Australia unedited and uncensored.

It’s something we’ve been quietly thinking about in the background of all of Saints Row IV’s drama: if Saints Row was refused, what about Grand Theft Auto? But it never reached a manic boiling point because the two sandboxes are just that different: Rockstar have essentially matured the GTA series while Saints Row has taken a very noticeable turn for the wacky – and that wackiness is very much a part of why Saints Row IV is currently having issues with our classification guidelines.

The Classification Board gave Grand Theft Auto V an R 18+ rating for strong impact violence, language, sex, nudity and themes, and for high impact drug use. That last one is particularly telling for those of us who wish to compare between the two series right now – drug use in Saints Row IV was one of the main reasons given for the game’s initial refused classification, and the only reason for its second refusal.

Grand Theft Auto V will safely release under the R 18+ label on September 17.

One comment

  1. Perhaps Rockstar games should have considered releasing a censored version of Grand Theft Auto V. There are some countries which are strict on content regulation, and given that GTA V has an R 18+ rating, this might limit the number of buyers that will have access to this game. Nonetheless, GTA V is set to be an awesome video game and the recent trailer videos are proof of this!

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