Sonic Takes on Link’s Adventures!

What I love about the internet and computers today is how we can see crazy videos and gain access to crazy mods for games. This is no exception.

In this video from the guys at Vinesauce, they modify the original Nintendo 64 version of Ocarina of Time to remove Link and plant Sonic in there instead. What follows is a super fast and way past cool look at Sonic rolling around at the speed of sound in Hyrule. Putting Sonic in the game changes a few things…mainly his lickety split speed comes in to play, causing him to zoom in and out of the fields of Hyrule, but also conversations and glitching the game out to skip parts that take time to get past.

I always love seeing videos like this. It takes something we love and know dearly and just flipping the entire game on it’s head. It gives the games we love a new and warped outlook and some new legs, plus introducing the game to a whole new generation of gamers. We’ve seen these sorts of mods before and with the rise of more and more PC ports and releases, advantageous creative minds will utilise the tools they have at their disposal to create all sort of wacky and insane ideas.

Mods are nothing new either. I remember back in the early days of my gaming youth, playing Doom WADs where it added voices to the Doom Marine, extra enemies, new levels and more. id Software even took a bunch of these and put them on a disc-based release with Doom 1 and 2. One of the more memorable ones for me was Simpsons Doom, placing Homer in the lead role and pitting you against the denizens of Springfield. Moving along later years during my Counter-Strike and Battlefield 1942 days, there was a huge amount of levels and full on conversions for that. The hours and hours I would spend playing Desert Combat with my friends was so immense and time consuming it started to affect my grades at school. Eventually I sort of got out of the PC gaming and mod/hack scene but I always kept an eye out for what would be on offer. I just like the idea of messing around with the old in a interesting and unique way.

I love a good dumb Youtube video and this one is pretty dumb. I got a good laugh out of it so if you haven’t watched already, check it out.

Sources: Destructoid and Vinesauce

What’s some of the classic mods or hacks you’ve seen? Let us know!

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