Dan and Karl’s Livegeist!

After months of bring you laughs and horrid nightmares, Dan and Karl’s Zeitgeist enters the Livestream fray!

If you’ve ever listened to our good friends podcast, it’s all about two friends sitting down and talking about Star Wars and sex, if you read the description. Lately it’s been about high school memories, creating strange mash ups of Jaws, Batman and more. Recorded live from their lavish garbage mansions on Rubishe Island, they bring a weekly show that’s light on coherency, but heavy on the laughs.

And they’re bringing it to you live! TONIGHT! At 7:30PM EST! Being live will be a different beast for the pair, as they spend an hour talking about what they do best, attempt to answer viewer questions in a professional and matu…well not mature, where’s the fun in that? They’re going to give you a great time that will live on in just infamy, but our fragile, precious minds.

“But Brendan!” I hear you say “Where can I get these two lovable gents in front of not only my ears, but my mind?” Well I’m glad you asked. Because I have the answers! Starting at 7:30PM EST, you can listen in on them through their Livestream channel here. Here, you can join the chat and discuss what’s offended you so far and send Dan and Karl questions. If you don’t want people to see what embarrassing things you want to ask, you can always tweet to Dan or Karl or use the hashtag #livegeist on Twitter.

I really love Zeitgeist and I’m looking forward to the Livestream and I hope you are too. If you haven’t listened to the show before, you can grab it from their Podbean or on iTunes. Support these guys because they’re worth the time. Make sure you tune in!

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