Animal Crossing VI: Return of the Mask

A brief recap of where we sit in the story now: Tom Nook threatened to break my legs and threw me out of my house. Okay, you’re good now.

(don’t ask how my mask came back. It just did)

The last thing I accomplished last week was constructing a campsite in town with hopes of using it as a temporary base while I sorted out my home loan woes, only to discover it was literally a pile of stones with a sign in front of it. So I was surprised to wake up from my spot on the beach the next morning to find someone had erected a tent on the site.

Daisy was her name, a careless dog who spoke so casually to the mayor of the town she’d just randomly decided to spend the night in. When I asked her what she was doing here, she ignored me and offered to sell stuff to me. It was a game to her – if I said yes, I had to buy at least one of the items she had on offer. Move in on my territory and then try and make me give you money? You’re outta here, sister.

The odd arrivals in Potaku were in full force this week. Later that night a mysterious jester came to town and started looking through all of my stuff. If I was a dishevelled and broken masked axe murderer, he was a classy and intimidating jester…murderer…guy. He even had an axe when I didn’t anywhere. What had I come to?

I spent a lot of my week drowning my woes in coffee at the new cafe. Occasionally, there’d be someone sitting there already, and they’d always be up for a chat. And it wasn’t surprising that Annalise had something critical to say about the place.

Later, when I went to tell Brewster what Annalise had said, he offered me a job out of nowhere. What? Money? I can finally pay off my loan! I accepted and he told me I could start working the next day. I couldn’t wait to be able to sleep under a roof again.

On Sunday, I woke up and found Isabelle standing in the town square beside a stall. There, she announced that the town was having a fireworks show that night and that if I wanted to, I could design my own fireworks for the show. Naturally, I went for the town flag, the Potaku P, but I also tried my hand at writing a message to Annalise in the sky. It didn’t work very well, but suffice to say it was mean and I’m sure if she saw it she would be crying.

During that day, Doc came over for a visit to his struggling brother in murder, to pick up some duplicate fossils we’d been meaning to exchange for a while. Moose, who as the newest resident in Potaku hadn’t yet met Doc, thought we were under attack by enemies, but I was quick to assure him that everything was fine and he definitely shouldn’t look behind him or anything.

While in town Doc taught me about how to use the megaphone to call out to the town’s residents. It involves actually calling into the 3DS microphone, and we were on a train full of less than pleasant people, so I left it alone for most of the day, but that night before the fireworks show started I gave it a proper try and found it to be utterly useless, as you’ll see here where I was crying out Moose when he was standing right next to me.

Coco sounds nothing like Moose!

Whatever, here’s some pretty fireworks.

The stall that had been set up was suddenly alive and there I discovered I could buy a different kind of fortune cookie that would net me some prizes. I only bought a few in the end, because the odds of actually getting anything good didn’t seem to be all that great.

The next morning I had my first shift at the cafe, and who else would be my first customer but Annalise, bitchy judgemental horse who was thankfully no longer wearing my old Potaku shirt design. Naturally, she wasn’t pleased with the coffee I made her – this is a system I don’t understand at all.

Annalise isn’t one for subtlety.

In fact, nobody liked the coffee I made for them. I did what they told me to do, but apparently there are other things to consider in making these coffees that I’ll have to learn later. Guesswork doesn’t seem to go too well.

Brewster was pretty disappointed by my first shift, and ending up paying me in coffee beans. What? Where’s my money? You didn’t tell me what the pay rate was like before I started here!

So it was evident I needed to find income another way. Now that Doc had picked up the fossils I’d been holding for him for weeks, I realised I had a fossil graveyard with no purpose. I’d been told I could make models out of them to display in my home, but my home is a mess at all times and I just don’t have the organisational skills to get anything like that made up properly. Money was on my mind, so I made about seven or eight trips to the Re-Tail and left with hundreds of thousands of Bells.

I could pay off my home loan at last! Nook then tried to elbow me into another home loan, but I refused, and instead spent all my spare money on sweet sweet turnips. Oh god, what have I become.

But there was a little bit of money left over and my house was available to me again. It was time to say goodbye to the old mouldy shirt and hello to the new black letter jacket. Because anything is an improvement from a mouldy shirt, you know. I even have an editor’s desk now.

Back in top form I returned the next day to the cafe for my next shift at work. And this time, I did a little better. Brewster even paid me in slightly better coffee beans. Progress is progress! But it’s all hampered by the fact that I then went and took out another home loan like a fool. And now I’m checking the turnip prices every twelve hours like an obsessed maniac. This is my life now.

You sure are, Moose, you sure are.

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